January 11, 2014

How to talk to a Girl you Like, without falling in Love with her?

I will keep it short and terse. And I would ask for very specific advice at the end. So read carefully. Let's start...

Say we have a girl, let's call her the "Potential Danger", and a guy say the "Silent Lamb".  Now the Silent Lamb likes Potential Danger. Potential Danger has a good charming personality and the Silent Lamb thinks they have a great chemistry.

The problem is, from his past experience, the Silent Lamb thinks that if he spends more time with the Potential Danger, ultimately he is going to fall into the 'trap'.  He might lose his currently boring but safe track, that he enjoys with the other lambs. And the trap will ultimately bring him too far back. Alone, lonely and nowhere to go.

But, again the girl's name is Ms. "Potential" Danger , and not Ms. "Definite" Danger. The Silent Lamb doesn't want to get away from the Potential Danger just based on some past experiences, and his "gut feeling". He understands that it's not her fault that she is a Potential Danger to him. 

The Potential Danger is, of course, totally unaware of the potential of danger she can cause in the life of the Silent Lamb. In general she is very safe to be with, but may be due to some karma thing, she poses some  mystic powers to wreak havoc in the mind of  the Silent Lamb, the minute he puts his guard down. 

The Silent Lamb finally decides that he will NOT sacrifice his friendship with the Potential Danger. In fact, he will try to spend more time with her  just because he likes talking to her. He will continue to Like Potential Danger because that cannot be changed. But he resolves to NOT let himself fall in Love with a Potential Danger. End of story.

Now, I don't want to waste my time replying to the usual Bull Shit that if this is related to my life, or who are the guy/girl in this story etc. That's irrelevant. 

I am not interested to hear a lecture on how it won't be Love but infatuation/lust etc. The Silent Lamb knows the difference.

I don't want to hear the crap about how the Silent Lamb should end his friendship with the Potential Danger if he wants to keep himself sane. Or take risk, let himself fall in Love, because that's what life is all about! Both of the options have already been thrown in the dustbin.

My question: How to talk to a Girl you Like, without falling in Love with her?

Your Turn.