December 31, 2014


In this age of smartphones and broadcasted texts and group messages, if your father makes you sit and type a New Year message on his 0-9 Keypad phone, and then asks you to send them one by one to his 1000s of contacts, taking confirmation on each contact; then I won't call it a happy end to an eventful year. 

2014 was supposed to be the greatest year of my life. I had all the plans, and all the enthusiasm. But in the end, it turned out be far from the greatest. 

I fought the worst depression of my life in March-April, had planned to participate in a triathlon but couldn't even start preparation, wanted to develop a more extroverted persona but mostly continued with my recluse characteristics, book 2 couldn't be completed on time, missed the deadline for the planned switch, was annoyed with the constant health niggles in the second half of the year, suffering insomania for past 3 weeks, and so on... The list of failures and heartbreaks and problems is long. 

But it wasn't all gloom and doom. First and foremost I dreamt and became a (self) published author! Tried my hands in various forms of creative writing including fiction and had quite a decent success. Wrote songs and collaborated on composing them, recorded musical recitations,  ran a pretty satisfying 6K despite illness, made more than 150 compositions taking the collection on #1000Sher to more than double in an year. Self challenged myself and remained successful on numerous occasions: whether blogging regularly for a month, or the 30 day composing challenge, or the number of restrictions I put on myself to check my self discipline. I traveled more and experienced more new things than the other years. I became a better and more confident employee and finally even an entrepreneur (by selling the novel!). And most important of them all, I bonded and created/strengthened so many relationships. If nothing else, this would have a very positive effect over the years to come.

And there are so many other things I left to mention!

2014 wasn't the greatest, but it certainly proved to be one of the most memorable year yet.

While 2014 was chokeful of resolutions and planning, I am making none in 2015. No particular career/personal goals, no ideas to implement, no travel plans. I would work on ideas/projects as and when they hit the brain. 

Instead, I am going to concentrate on becoming a healthier, mentally stronger, trustworthy and responsible person. 

Consistency in anything has been one of my greatest shortcomings. So, a lot of things will automatically take care of themselves if I just put in consistent daily efforts. 

I would wish you a Happy New Year. But "Happy" and "Year" is an oxymoron in my opinion. How can anyone's 365 days together be happy. 

So, I wish you a Happier New Year. Have fun, endure and keep moving on :)