August 29, 2010

The importance of various days in my life

About 4 weeks ago I got 3 messages on the occasion of Friendship day. One message felt like it was made out of a Christmas SMS, so it felt more of an obligation for the day. Another felt apologetic for wishing, since the person knew I don't believe in Friendship day. And the third message was guilt ridden, since it came late to me! And it was amusing, because I never wanted any of those messages to remind me that they were one of my most cherished friends.

Anyway, that prompted me to think about what all days hold importance in my life, and which ones don't. This post is a result of that. Here is the list of few days (not in any order) and why they are or aren't important to me.. 

1. The Independence Day: OK I may not be the best patriot this country has ever produced, but that doesn't stop me of feeling proud to be an Indian, even after all the shortcomings it has. "..Koi bhi desh perfect nahin hota, use perfect banana padata hai..". I like to spend the day giving some thoughts to India and its problems and resolving to do something for this country, howsoever small.

2. Diwali: It used to be night of crackers when I was a kid. But now, I 'say no to crackers'. But this is the day I try and greet all my friends, old and new. Ones whom I meet everyday or talk to once in a year. This is the day I genuinely feel happy and look forward to every year. This is one of those days that you feel like it happened yesterday. 

3. The New Years Day: Pretty obvious. Who doesn't like to welcome the new year. This is the day for me to leave the painful memories of the past behind and look forward to days to come. Plus this is a global festival. So you celebrate with the whole earth! 

4. Dusshera/Durgapuja : I miss going to midnight RamLila or Durgapuja. Sitting on ground with common people watching poor actors enact human gods. I felt connected to my roots. But still I don't miss out on watching the climax of the epic saga. The burning of effigies. You want your inner demons also to burn with the symbolic ones. 

5. Birthdays(Friends/Family): These days hold prime importance in my life. This is the day to make your loved ones happy. Try not to miss the opportunity. Buying gifts is the small part, the important thing is to make the day special for them, so that they can remember it in the days to come. 

6. Birthday(Mine): NO. I don't like celebrating my birthday. And it has nothing to do with the date of my birthday. When I was young this was the day to look forward to, since I got to wear new clothes, cut the cake, and party with friends. And I liked growing, I mean physically. I don't see that growth happening any more, and I don't see any improvements in my EQ level too, which means I am just aging. There is nothing to celebrate about it. I think this is the best period of the only life I have got. Birthday reminds me that time is going away. So, I like to keep a low profile this day, spending it quietly. That's the way I 'celebrate' my birthday. 

7. Holi: Why is that every festival that you look forward to as a kid, looses its sheen when you grow up? Nothing special for me on this day, except good food to eat. Haven't played with colors for last 5 years. Boring personality, eh? 

8. Father's Day/Mother's Day/Friendship Day/Valentine Day/Rose Day/God-knows-which Day: I consider all these days to be nothing but marketing gimmick. People just want to play with your sentiments by offering various products for various days. Of course making money in the process too. And we people also take this opportunity to shower all our love for the whole year by forwarding to every person in the contact list the chain messages we got from others! I would rather like to celebrate Sis day (Rakhi) and Teachers' day, since they are based on culture rather than commerce.

9. Festivals of other religions: I am a Hindu but I have equal respect for all religions. So, I look forward to days like Eid, Lohri, Christmas, Buddha Purnima. Alas, don't have many to share my happiness on these days. But I celebrate them in my own special small way.

10. Sunday: I look forward to this holiday. Spend it in my own special way (more on this some other time). Thank God, (or the human who made the Gregarion Calender) for providing this day once every week. I don't need to highlight the importance of this day in any working person's life.

Alright, so this is it. These are the days that I could think of as being most (or less) important in my life. What do you think? Which are your favorite days? Drop in a comment on the 'comments' thread.

PS: If given the powers and the authority, I would like to create my own days like JhanDay (personalized version of Fool's day), Bhains-ki-day (I believe buffalo should get as much respect as holy cow), Gaddhay (Lets make our city a better and safe place to leave in by filling potholes and covering manholes).

August 28, 2010

Why I don't have a Mobile?

Sometime ago, someone asked me why don't I carry a mobile phone. And I replied that 'I don't want one'. But later, I introspected.. Do I really don't want to have a mobile? And the answer I got was, No I need one... I need a mobile device which I can use as a PMP because, like everyone else, I am an avid music listener. And to be able to share a video or two with friends during free time, never hurts. I need a mobile device to take an odd picture or two. There are moments, that you really want to capture forever, and you rue the fact that you don't have a camera handy at that time. I need a device which I can use to read stuff on the move (think ebook reader). There are lot of cool stuff on the system or over web that you want to read, but reading through the monitor (that too a measly 15" CRT one) is really a pain in the.. eyes. A phone can be handy for everyday alarm and for making reminders. 

But if I really need it, then why don't I have it already?

1. I don't want a device on which I can be contacted 24X7. OK, you have friends and family, that care about you and want to be constantly in touch with you. But then you gotta have a life of your own. I have a home no. on which I can be contacted when at home. Otherwise I try to contact back. And I can be easily contacted online. Why would I want someone to bug me, when I am spending quality time with friends or doing something creative, or relaxing or traveling? And though I love my family very much, I don't want them to constantly pester me about my whereabouts. It irritates me (opinions vary of course).

2. I am happy without a mobile phone. Today, its considered a surprise when people don't have a mobile. In fact, some people have so varying needs that they carry multiple phones for different purposes. But, for me its a matter of feeling proud rather than ashamed about not having a phone. Thank God, at least somewhere I fall in the minority category!

3. I have more important things on my wish list. That includes upgrading my old work horse, a tiny miny netbook, a digicam etc. If I have the money, I will burn it on them. If I still have the money, then may be i will buy a mobile too.

4. Its really fun to do without a mobile. I have very generous friends who don't mind letting me use their mobile for an odd call or message. And if thats not possible, then a PCO booth is almost always some distances away. So, may be a little inconvenient, but people can really live without phone. I seldom regret not having a phone. Believe me, one can survive without a phone in this world.

5. I am trying to keep someone's promise. Someone promised me about buying me a mobile phone about 2 years back (at that time, even I wanted to buy one). But then due to some reason or other, that person hasn't been able to fulfill the promise (I don't have an iota of doubt about the person's will). I don't want to break the promise, by buying a mobile phone myself. 

So, these are some of my reasons why I still don't have a mobile. But I do see myself carrying mobile in the future. I respect people who have mobiles, they need it, so they have it. I just want a similar respect about my views. I do not need it (for now), so I don't have it. Period.