October 12, 2014

What to do when someone is "Katti" with you

OK, I have got a problem. Someone I know is Katti from me. Yeah, you heard it right, K.A.T.T.I. - Katti.

And just like you, I am shocked too. No one has been 'Katti' with me since may be when I was 8 or 9. It's like I have been put in a time machine and thrown back in time.

Anyways, it's a problem and I need to find out a solution to it. Real Quick.

I recently heard a great philosopher saying "If you define the problem, the problem just cannot exist.".

So, let me try defining Katti first.

Katti : Being 'Katti' is an act where a person stops talking to another person, when the second person has in some way hurt the first . This clause is usually invoked by little kids, but as I am rudely finding out, even 'normal' adults can also be Katti with each other.

How to be Katti : Well there is just no special reason to be Katti. You can be Katti with anyone at anytime at any place. It's like one second everything is fine. And next second. BOOM. Katti!

But there does exist a proper way to be Katti. It involves (as far as I remember from 1990s) touching your right thumb to your lower lips and flipping it upwards. And you actually say Katti, out loud. Sometimes, one does it multiple times to signal the other person how seriously he or she is Katti.

How long can one be Katti : I wish there was a time limit, but people can be Katti for as long as they want. The second person has to in someway make up to the first person, so that first person stops being Katti. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's impossible. Totally depends on your luck.

And all this leads to the most important part of the problem : "What to do when someone is Katti with you?"

Google is usually the answer to all the problems of life, but this time Google couldn't even understand the problem.

So, I set out to solve my own problem. As they say 'Apna kaam svayam kare... Aur Jiska kaam usi ko saajhe'.

After much deliberation I have developed the following flow chart and I hope in  a few days I would be able to solve my problem through it.

Of course this is not the end-all of it. If you have any suggestions on what to do when someone is Katti, please do let me know. This flowchart needs to be refined a lot more before it could become a definitive guide for those who are bearing the burnt of having been Katti by someone. Done for now.