November 10, 2010

(Not so) FAQs

Who are you?
Hi, first of all, thank you for visiting this page, for finding out more about me and my blog! My real name is Ravi Singh, but I prefer to call myself RavS, so you can call it my pen name. I am a 22 26 years  old Indian. Techie by profession, blogging is my hobby.

To know more about me please read this.

What's the story behind this blog?
There is an interesting (or boring depending on how you perceive it) story behind this blog and the journey so far. While blogging remains a hobby I am quite serious about it and take it as an Engineering task.

Why this blog?
As I said blogging is my hobby and I have wanted to be a blogger for a long-long time (circa 2007 to be precise).  I am trying to develop it into a habit/passion. There are a number of reasons why I blog, you may want to read this post to know more.

How often do you update your blog?
Ideally, I would like to post at least one blog per week. But as you know, nothing in this world is ideal :) I have hit writer's block so many times I don't post for several weeks. But there have been some weeks where the blog gets flooded with posts, but rest assured this blog is really important for me.

Do you write anywhere else too?
Well, right now this is my main blog. I am also trying to develop a little blog called 1000Sher to indulge into my creative side more often. Before making this blog public, I used to write at (where you can still find some of my blog posts and associated comments). I also have recently started writing on Medium.

How can I get updates for this blog?
Thanks for taking keen interest in my blog! You can subscribe to the feeds of this blog, and get regular updates on your feed reader (my favorite is Feedly). There is subscribe by email option on first page, if you like. Or you can follow me on Twitter or G+ to get updates from there!

I wanted to discuss something related to your blog...
Excellent! I always encourage suggestions and/or criticism. Please contact me on my email id mail[dot]ravs[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in. Or please leave a comment and I will be happy to discuss!

What blogs do you like to read?
I do a respectable amount of reading online. I also consider myself a Life Hacker, who is constantly trying to make himself better and betterday-by-day
Usually I like to read about technology which specifically includes Linux and Writing. Some of my most favorite blogs are ZenHabits.netNo Meat Athlete and Zen Pencils.

I have also written a blog post where I reviewed some of the blogs of my friends.

Please feel free to use the email-id to ask any other question you have.