July 20, 2014


[Last Updated: 20 July 2014]

Dear friends and readers, I know how much you love The RavS and how you always want to gift him something but are not able to get hold of it as he never seems to like anything at all.

Well it's true that I am not really a big fan of buying stuffs. But I do need and lust for a few things, particularly electronic items (you can't expect much from a geek). 

So, let me list out the things that I want/crave currently (in no particular order),  in the hope that one of you generous soul will gift me one (or more) of these on certain occasions (or without an occasion). Otherwise, I will get them myself at some point of my life.

  • A cover for my Micromax Ninja A89: Bought a shiny new mobile recently and it's working great. But can't seem to get a cover/case for it anywhere in the market. It's available online but it's a little pricier and am not sure about it's quality by just looking at the pictures. So, the search still continues. [Update: Got it! It doesn't look good, but my phone and I both feel safer]
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2/Google Nexus 7: After getting an (Android) Smartphone, the next logical digital stop would naturally be a tablet. And these 2 seems to be hitting the sweet spot of 'desirability' and 'affordability'. [Update: Got a shiny new ASUS tablet recently! I call it a poor cousin of Nexus 7. With the second version of Nexus 7 out, it's still on wishlist, but not in my list of urgent needs]
  • Amazon Kindle Fire : Ever since I have heard about this device, I have wanted to own one. The ability to have access to and read thousands of books and other reading media on a device even while outdoors is a fascinating idea. And it's simplicity and no distraction of other kinds of media just adds to its appeal. [Update: After buying a tablet and reading over it, not really sure if this one is necessary. I am already fighting with too many devices.]
  • A pair of running shoes: I love running. I had created a running streak of almost 2-3 months, few years back. But then I am also a very lazy person. I want to finish a half marathon, preferably this year but lack of shoes customized for running are one of the (idiotic) reasons that keeps me putting off my preparation. My current shoes are not particularly comfortable during running and I prefer to wear floaters to run, but then it's not an optimal choice, is it? [Update: Got myself a pair of shiny new Reebok shoes. And I am training for half marathon scheduled on 15 December 2013 :) ]
  • New pair of glasses/lenses: Bored of current ones. And I am a firm believer in experimenting with oneself, including with the looks. [Update: Got both. But lenses were a disaster (it's a long story). While glasses are a compromise, so will probably get another one in future)
  • Chromebook : In my quest for all things Google, this is one device I really really want. Most probably my next computing device. Nigh. Most definitely.
  • Macbook Pro: A desire of every geek out there. Except on simulators, have never had an opportunity to work on the most beautiful Operating System in this world. And this is the only Apple product I actually want buy. Others are great too, but one can easy make do with alternatives for other electronic categories from Apple. Not for a Mac.
  • A Nicon D Series SLR (or any freaking SLR cam for that matter!): It's amazing how many people out there want to buy an SLR. And I am one of those 'many people'. The ability to grab those amazing unexplored moments in crystal clear quality is something that everybody wishes for and most of the point and shoot camera are not able to fulfill. 

    As you can imagine, this list is not exhaustive, I will add/modify it in future as and when the need arises.