April 26, 2010

The Journey Begins..

" साईं श्रद्धा शक्ति "
So here I am writing my first blog post. First thing first, it has been my dream to start my own blog, a dream I have been nurturing for the last 2 years. But due to some reason or other I haven't been able to post even a single blog till now. 

Actually I wanted my blog to be perfect, whenever (and if) I start it. And because of that I never really could commit on starting up. But now it's time to Just Do It. So lets get started....

But hey before doing that, I would like to make it clear, why I have started this blog: This blog exists so that the blogger (thats me!) can express his feeling, vent his anger and get to know others' views on the things that he ponders over. This blog is also so that I can develop a habit of writing and blogging and get to learn this art. And also develop self - discipline by being a regular poster.

This blog certainly isn't where you will be gaining lot of knowledge (but I definitely will be sharing anything interesting that comes my way). So, if you are reading this blog to learn something or get some 'gyan', then I am afraid you will be disappointed.

The readers of this blog, if any, will most probably be my friends. And I want to keep it that way only. I don't want to be famous and get money out of this piece. And I am certainly not writing it because I want to show others that I am cool or unique.

So whenever you get to read this, all I want from you is to be consistent reader, if you can and a consistent criticizer (that you definitely can!), telling me the mistakes I have made and things I can improve on, because only then can I be an evolving and consistent blogger (I intend to post at least one blog every week).

I don't know actually how much time will I be continuing here (knowing my will and resilience!), but I don't want that to deter my spirit right now. Hopefully our journey will be long and fruitful. Amen...