February 03, 2013

The Life Philosophers!

In yet another attempt to crowd-source views on a common topic, I asked people (known to me):

"What philosophy/rule that you follow to live your life? Is there any idea at the core of your way of living". 

And as always, I got some really interesting (and not so interesting!) views. This time I have kept the contributions anonymous (as far as possible), to make it more interesting. I have presented them (almost) unedited so as to show what people think about their life. Thank you all who contributed. It of course, wasn't possible without you. Indulge!

"Waqt se pehle taqdeer se jada kabhi kuch ni milta...
But waqt or takdeer dono badle ja skte hain if u have it!

My funda of life"

"My reason to be alive is to live. . Dreams, aims ambitions, sacrifice, dnt excite me, my ultimate goal is to live"

"Mine is " i hv a class to maintain" i keep telling myself this whn nyone does does nything low/ ethically wrong/ with me, i feel like responding in tht same manner ( which i knw, i m capable of) but i cant stoop to their level n keep reminding my self of "i hv a class to maintain" this stops me from taking revenge many at times n keeps my morals in check. Its like " mujmein n doosron mein kya farak hain?". "class ka farak hain""

That's what I hav learnt from my life.
Everythng will change one day...
Wheather its climate or the situtions.
Itwill definately change one day..
So we need to create our own ethtics to tackle those circumstances.
After the things we do reflects how much capable weare in the test of life."

"one of them whch always inspires me n even changes my way of thnkng over life, can say motivates me when i got depressed is
" zndgi mohtaz nahi manjilonki , waqt har manjil dikha deta h, koi marta nahi kisi k bichhadne se, waqt sbko jeena sikha deta h.""

"There are actually lots of them! One of them which immediately came into my mind after reading the quote you mentioned goes like: 
"Good things usually happen, bad things sometimes happen" 
- Dr. House (Episode-Nobody's Fault)"

"my personal favourite is dont worry, take it easy, be happy, god bless u"

"Necessity is the mother of invention"

"Life is beautiful when we make it beautiful,its all depends upon us.so make life beautiful......"

"'Average' is my philosophy....everything is average (neither good nor bad)"

"Heaven and hell are two things.its depends upon you what you want....make life like heaven."

LEGO® philosophers
Lego Philosophers from Helico. Taken under CC license.

"Philosophy/Rule : Work hard,leave past, live in present & wait for d future.

Quote/Saying : To become old and intelligent, you need to be young and stupid

Idea(Way of living) : I will make the REST of my LIFE, the BEST of my LIFE."

" Life is not fair. Just know that and deal with it. Things are messed up. People are messed up. Nothing is perfect. But what's there to live in a Utopia either? For all I know for now is that I would be frustrated after a few days (months tops) if my life becomes "perfect". It is the challenges, a hunt for something, search for answers that makes life worthwhile for me. I am Prashant Khajotia and this is my philosophy. "

"i do what i want to do in a particular situation, and i dnt bother what others are doing regarding the same thing"

"Philosophy/rule : well i live for all that all what happen in your life is all for ur own good .... 

Quote/Saying : that all your hardship and hard work in your past will make your future good, caring and happy !!! 

Idea : Be good and hlpful to ur loved one nd work hard.. u will surely get a n njoyable life !!"

"dont run here and there like a mouse. Make sure you bell the CAT before you die."

"Love (of bf/gf type) is the most selfish feeling in this world..... thats why stay away from it..... flirting is quite genereous on other hand....."

"Every minute, every second, everything in between those seconds, i only think and dream about you. Whatever i do, it is with the thought of our beautiful future that I wish we will one day share together. Before I met you, I never thought I could be with one person. Now, i can't think of being without the one person, that is you."

"Well my take is simple Ravi, be loyal to your friends and family and play fair if possible and foul if necessary."