October 02, 2011


OK, so I am finally writing about myself. And it's funny that one thing that I should have posted a long time ago, I am doing it now. Well there is a reason for that: it's really hard to define your own self. I think that's what people call discovering yourself, and it takes the whole life to "actually" get to know yourself. Anyways, without wasting my blog space and your precious time I would like to present to you, Myself <drumrolls>:

My name is Ravi Singh, and my blogger/pen/online name is RavS. I am 23 25 years old (though I am not really proud of the fact). I am from India, in case you are not from India. I like a variety of stuffs... related to computers! So, that includes Blogging, Programming, tinkering with the OS, trying out new softwares (I am a part time beta tester, who doesn't reveal his findings!) and of course surfing the web (well mostly surfing the web).

I love music (but I know I am not the greatest music loving creature alive). I like so many music genres (Rock) and artists (Taylor Swift) that it's really impossible to tell which one is my favorite (Himesh Reshammiyya). Basically I can hear anything under the sky and it all depends on my mood. I am also a movie watcher (though a much better movie collector) and again there is no clear favorite actor (Tom Cruise) or actress (Angelina Jolie) or genre (Comedy) that I could name.

I am an awesome procrastinator, but I am too humble to brag about my superpowers. I am an introvert and shy guy. I sometimes don't bath and message all my friends to tell my achievements. I am a lousy artist, but  that's because I don't want to give complex to people like these. Alright, alright. I know you would be thinking why am I writing these negative traits. Well actually I am a fan of Sjain in this regard, who thinks  shouting about your negative features is actually a positive thing. And hey, you only wanted to read "Myself", (I didn't ask you ;) and now that I am writing "Myself" myself, you are criticizing me? That's not coo! Read on...

But I like to have my own opinion (Justine B. sucks), but never get annoyed at anyone (****** you R. Black, you have ruined my Fridays). I love all my friends (except XP and Sui) and am usually happy for them (yeah, whatever...). I always praise my friends' work (secretly it annoys me to see how awesome they are, so I fake it). I think we should always try and keep improving ourselves (yesterday I watched more TV shows than the day before) and try to help everyone (except XP and Sui). 

I have got a really big nuclear family (not the radioactive kind, idiot) and I am the only eldest brother in the family. I am self unemployed in an Indian company. I have really high dreams (one time I scared the hell out of terrorists with an empty gun, in my dreams). I am punctual (never late more than 2 hours). I am always impartial/neutral in my views (as long as you are talking about something I like). I don't like to pressurize anyone (until they keep reading and commenting on my posts).

I do not support piracy (I am also a hypocrite) and I am a full fledged GNU/Linux supporter (mostly because of their bull/penguin logo). Microsoft is my favorite company (to curse against, while using their products). I am super athletic & fit and I rarely lie about anything. I am a gifted singer-cum-dancer and I also have a great sense of humour.

Well that's pretty much it. If you gotta know more about me, I would think either you have a crush on me (OK if you are girl, not Ok if you are not a girl) or are spying on me (OK if you are girl, not Ok if you are not a girl). In a really rare case you may be plain curious (OK if you are a girl or not). In any case, just drop me a mail/tweet.