October 28, 2013

When it finally comes to the end...

[Note: This post was written about 3 months ago and had been sitting in my draft since then. I wasn't sure of posting it. But today, as I watched the finale of "Dexter", one of my favorite series, and I experienced the same emotions as while watching the end of "The Office". This one deserves to be posted]

The Office promos

I am writing this just after watching the series finale of "The Office". This series was 9 seasons long, and I have spent almost 9 months in watching them all. Naturally, I am filled up with a little bit of emotions after watching the finale.

"The Office" wasn't the greatest TV series, in my humble opinion. It wasn't the most hilarious or the most engrossing. And, after "Michael" left, I must admit, it was downhill from there.  I had started watching "The Office" to somehow related to the situations in 'my office'. There wasn't much to draw parallels about, but there was just something about the characters that kept me hooked to it for this long. And over the course of last one year, I actually watched them grow little by little.

As I said, the last few seasons were nowhere near the level of first few. So, for the past 2 months I wanted to reach the end of the series so as to "move on". But as I watched the last episode, I felt kind of sad. It never has been easy to let go of things for me.

When you spend so much time with people or things, it's only natural to get attached to them. So, even if it comes after years of hardship, when you finally have to say good bye to your college or school mates or to the people with whom you have lived and breathed a few important years of your life, you don't want to do it.

You kind of want that the moment stops right there. That it never unfreezes, because once it does, everything will change. As much as you want them to be, people are not going to remain the same. You are not going to remain the same. New responsibilities, new situations, new challenges, new people are going to come in your life and you just won't be able to hold on to even the memories of the good things that went by.

Of course, it's easy to not fall into this trap by just keeping yourself  'detached'. But, I wonder if we will truly be human, if we will truly be able to experience things, without truly immersing ourselves into it.

Well, "The Office" is finally over and may be soon I will get something new to get hooked with. But I certainly am going to miss this show.