June 25, 2012

Now Introducing: 1000 Sher

Being one dimensional sucks. I never ever wanted to be "just a techie guy". That's why I started blogging. Another thing that I have always wanted to do is to compose stuffs. Write poems, write lyrics, write stories, write dramas, write satires...

Somewhere towards the end of last year, I started writing shers (a form of poetry). The small 2, 4, 8 liners (and sometimes odd numbered). Like most other successes I have achieved, it started as an experiment. But as I kept on writing, got encouragement, applause and criticism, now it has become something that I enjoy doing.

And from there comes the dream of one day writing 1000 shers. Why 1000? Because 1000 feels really challenging enough and is definitely going to take years of constant composition to achieve but it is even not a number big enough to be declared unachievable.

Today I introduce my dream blog 1000sher.tumblr.com. With this I want to write 1000 compositions of varied length, content, feelings, languages and styles. I have deliberately kept the style of this blog as minimal, so as to just focus on the words and nothing else.

I am most comfortable writing in Hindi/Urdu (and shers are usually written in that language only), so most of the compositions will be in that language. But I do plan to write in English and may be at some point of time, even in Punjabi and Bhojpuri! ( and Telugu?)

I am aware that some of the readers may not be able to understand the compositions written in Hindi. So will be translating all shers in Hindi into English.

One last point, Ek Hazaar Sher will not contain full fledged poems. They will continue to be written on this blog only.

Hope you will like what I have create, and hope you will be there to cheer me up as I scale up the mountain of 1000 shers! Impatiently awaiting your feedback on the look, feel and content of this new blog and any suggestions/criticism you may have.