January 15, 2014

Untitled: Part 9


"Yeah, that's what his name is. A big ass Lucchaa. He just doesn't care about us", Parag said the third time.

"I told him 5 times yesterday night to please be on time, this time. Sleep early so that you could reach early. But he just won't close his eyes before 1 am, whatever you do. " He continued, as Saif and Pankaj listened attentively.

"Ok whatever, I knew he would be late, so I told him the movie time was 10 am while the actual time was 11.30. But look, it's already 11.15 and no sign of the bastard! ". 

Saif wanted to say something, but Parag interrupted. "I told him to take bus no. 79. I mean how hard it is to remember the number? Now he texted that he got into the wrong bus. What the hell does that mean?", Parag wasn't done yet.

"Now let him come today, I would make a keema out of him. I lied to my girlfriend so that I could spend sometime with you guys and look at the hero. Late as always."

In between Parag's rambling, Pankaj somehow managed to say, "It's Ok yaar".

This flared Parag's temper even more, "What the heck do you mean by "It's OK yaar"? Look at the mother-loving time. I have been standing here since last 1 hour. You know what he said yesterday night?". Saif and Pankaj obviously had no idea.

"Do nooot worrry dooood, I would be the fiiiirssst to reach tomorrow", Parag said in satirical tone.

The 3 friends laughed together. They knew all too well that reaching on time was one thing Rids could never do. But, the laughter ended in a few seconds.  

Pankaj said, "I don't know why he is not picking up any of our calls since last 45 mins. I hope he is alright. He always gets himself into all sorts of troubles."

They were obviously worried about Ritender. All 3 of them had shifted here an year ago, and were accustomed to the area as well as the local language. But Rids was very new to the city and he didn't know a single word of Telugu. English and Hindi wouldn't serve him well. Silence ensued for a few minutes. 

Final Saif broke their musing, "2 days ago, he told me he wanted to learn Telugu. I thought he was joking but he looked dead serious. He said it doesn't matter if he would be staying here for less than 4 months, learning Telugu seemed to be an exciting challenge. And what better way to learn a new culture than to interact with local people in their language. He seemed to be pretty pumped about it". 

Pankaj agreed, "He has always been a good student, eager to learn, to try out new things. "I want to eat the famous Biryaani", that were his first words the day he set foot here. He was so excited to be coming to South for the first time, all the way from Lucknow". 

Saif chuckled, "Yeah! Biryaani and South girls, that's all he talks about since coming here. South girls are so beautiful. South girls are so well mannered. South girls are so shy. South girls this, South girls that."

"Shut up you guys", Parag roared. His girlfriend was a South Indian too. 

After a minute of silence Parag finally said, "Let me try calling him again. If he picks up this time, he is not going to like what I have to say to him".

Parag seemed to mean business.