January 10, 2014

An Open Letter To A Friend

My Dear Friend,

Don't bother answering the most boring question of them all - How are you? I already know you are doing fine, we chat occasionally. Unless of course, you are trying to hide the fact that you are doing great. That would be a shame you see, because you would be doing great without involving me.

You must be wondering why am I writing to you so 'openly' even though we interact on a fairly regular basis. Well, first even though it's an open letter, I am not going to tell it's directed to YOU (points finger from the monitor), hence your privacy is safe. Secondly, I think you already know the reason why I am 'wasting a post' by writing this open letter - you asked me to make one of these 31 posts about you!

Now you and me will both appreciate that we are not "BFFs", but we do share a good camaraderie. I apologize I do not know a lot about you, but here's what I know. I come across dozens of people month after month, but you were one of very few who took interest to befriend me (instead of I being the initiator).Well, I won't forget that. Not that I am boring or anything, it's just that I like to keep a low profile.  The reason I am a little afraid to befriend new people is that I am not sure if we will be able to find a common ground to move ahead. But, I am happy we have a number of things to talk about from girls to your cigarette addiction to sucky bosses. You are an interesting person to have a conversation with it. No doubt about that.

You are dirty and lazy and don't give a damn. I like that, because I am also quite similar (although I do give a few damns). Here's another one of my POVs: I think you are a 'potential' drug addict! But I hope that turns out to be utterly ridiculous falsehood. Just be careful mate, I have seen in movies, it's not pretty. You have told me quite a few times you make music, that too not mainstream and I am eager to hear what you make. The creative ones are always my favorite!

Also, I remember that you have made a lunch offer for the second time in 2 months which I haven't honored yet even after accepting. Well, let me tell you, I am going to be all about honor and promises from next month onwards (don't ask me why next month).

We have a discussion pending on your thoughts about the post on my depression. You said you are a silent spectator of my self-apathy.  A number of other people have also empathized but only a few could give some useful advice. I assume you will have some great insights on it.

Hope to meet you in person, soon.

Yours Truly,