January 31, 2014

M:I - 31. The End.

It's over. Finally it's over. And I can't explain how relieved I feel at this point. Although not as happy as I anticipated (it's always same with any kind of success), I am proud that I kept my promise to myself.

First and foremost I want to thank everyone with whom I shared my posts. Even though you might not have read even a single post, I had this 'pressure' to come up with something everyday for last 31 days, because I knew at least one of you would be anticipating it in the morning. Without this kind of accountability I am not sure if I would have even reached till Day 10. So Thank You! 

I didn't "write" every single day, I just published everyday. I had some "ready made" posts, had rough drafts of few posts that I wanted to finish. I also tried to keep myself ahead of the schedule by writing in batches on weekends. But 31 was too large a volume to write. I had some scary days when I would find myself writing late at night so that I could share in the morning. On some days my home internet was not working which meant I wouldn't have been able to post. But, thank God, for making smartphones, mobile internet and USB tethering.

It wasn't easy. I had to lose 1-2 hours of sleep almost everyday to be able to keep up with the writing schedule. Somedays were particularly difficult when I was dead tired and I would just want to hit the sack but had to keep myself awake to review/write a post. I also broke a number of promises, and am way behind my other resolutions .

Most popular posts according to Page views.

Not all the posts were particularly inspiring to write. Some I personally thought could have been better, but I had to post anyway for the lack of time. And, I couldn't come up with the debut episode of podcast which was a huge disappointment personally.

There were some surprises too. I thought the All Hail Buffalo post would gain a lot more popularity, but it didn't. Same was the case with all 3 poems. On the other hand, there were some posts which got a lot more popular than expected.

I tried to do everything I could think of this month. I wrote from love to porn to politics to humor to personal to professional. Short ones, as well as the long ones. The commentary, the stories, the satires, the poems, the songs. There were a few Hindi stuffs mixed with mostly English. I even wrote about some deeply personal stuffs that I had to think multiple times before posting. I dared to try different styles. I dared to be honest in my writing. I was scared I would be chided about some of the stuffs, but thankfully people understood (or just didn't care).

Some of you gave feedback and valuable comments on some of the articles. They were mostly words of appreciation which acted as a fuel to keep me going, and also some criticism here and there (people who provide constructive criticism are my favorite, you deserve a treat from me!). 

I know I wrote so much that some of you had difficulty keeping up. I apologize for it, but that's the way it was going to be. I will keep February quite cold on writing front, so that we can come on the same page.

As I hoped, I have been able to clear my back log of ideas, so the new posts would be on fresh  ideas! You have given me some interesting ideas to write about, a lot of which are really difficult for me to attempt as a writer. Thanks for trusting me with that. I hope I won't disappoint when I attempt some of them.

I made a few new fans of the "Untitled" story and took it forward. I promise I will be completing it this year only, with a few more parts coming in February. 

At one point I even thought to make it a 50 day challenge and I know I could complete that too. But it's not worth the effort now. Other aspects of my life are getting affected due to this. So now for the rest of the year, I will try to write few but more awesome (read deep, passionate, embarrassing, untried of) topics.

Now if you stayed with me from the starting up to this sentence, I ask you of one last thing: What was your favorite post(s) and why? 

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. I am grateful you spared time to read me :)

PS: I hope you remember my challenge for February. ;)

Screenshot of the Note I kept, listing all the planned posts. I would check the ones that I kept on writing. The unchecked ones would just make me go mad.