July 13, 2011

Crap worth 500 words

Alright, so I am starting to write this blog now. Well I should tell you that you need not read this because I am going aimlessly here. All this is not going to make any sense to you. So why am I writing this rubbish post anyways? Well the reason is that I haven't posted anything for sometime now. And it is again me hitting the writer's block.

So, I am getting over with it this innovative way. And well I wanted to write a post like this sometime. This is different. Because I am not thinking what I am writing. I just am letting my fingers follow my instinct. Whatever is coming in my mind is going on this page and I am pretty sure this is going to be the fastest post I have ever written (of course most meaningless also).

And I also wanted to tell that this is how I usually write my 750words pages. I just don't think what happened or what should happen. Because if I start to thing that then writing 750 words every day will become a pain and I don't want it to be so. When I write like this, when I race against myself (by the way I am touted touch typist!), I feel good.

Well another way or writing this post, could have been just to copy paste one of the morning dump (and 'dump' here is a metaphor for the 3 pages of morning writing I do). But then I wanted to do it specifically for a blog post.

And how much more I am going to write like this? Well I am just using a writing tool that is telling me how many words I have written; so far I have reached 300 words and I will stop at 500. Just let me know if you could follow along these 500 words. 

But why stop at 500 words? Why not write more, like say 750 words as i usually (daily) do? The reason being that I have started to think that I am writing a little more than I should. You see when I start to read a blog post, I get put off by it's length. Usually I don't read blog posts more than a page long, unless they are really intriguing.

And I think the same about my blog posts. While it is easier to cough whatever comes in the mind on the page, it takes patience to read the whole thing. And if people are not reading it then what's the use of me wasting time writing long and elaborated posts.

The posts (since they are mostly text) should be interesting. If they are (in any way possible) then size of the blog post won't matter (or will matter less).

Anyways, I am done writing for today. Gonna post it tomorrow. I know it won't make much sense as a whole but were you able to read it from start to stop (if you were unemployed enough to read till here)? Let me know.