July 30, 2011

The Blogs I (Like to) Read

(Note: This blog was originally posted on 25.02.2011. It has been updated and reposted on 30.07.2011)

I am a blogger alright, but I am an avid reader of blogs too. And if the blogs are written by friends, I really encourage them by commenting as much (relevant and no-non-sense) comments as I can. Call me a bit mean here, because I expect that generosity to be shown on my blog too :) But really even if I forget my own blog, it is always interesting to find out the thought process of friends. Here I am highlighting the blogs my favorite 'friend' blogs and also my review of these blogs.

The Path3tic Blog The TrashPan Diary (thetrashpandiary.blogspot.com, Blogger: PK / path3ticblogg3r ): I start with this blog simply because this is the blog that I enjoy the most (recently). The interface is simple but sleek. The content is new and fresh (as is the blog itself) and there is never any 'heavy' "holy-shit-my-life-is-so-path3tic" post. You sometimes get an alternative way of viewing certain things. The topics are current and related to blogger and his friends' lives and also sometimes related to technology. But still, a random person can visit the blog and expect to have a good time. The blog is also the most popular of all the blogs mentioned here because the blogger takes special interest in popularizing the posts by spreading word about it (which I think is a good thing to do).  Caution: The posts are unabashed and the language used is uncensored, which may not suit every one. (Update: Recently the blogger has moved more towards Art than traditional blogging)

My Space, My Place, My Words (anewexpression.blogspot.com, Blogger: Tushar Bharadwaj): This blog comes next because of its consistency and because this is one of the oldest blogs I have been reading (though have become a regular reader just recently). The blogger likes to comment upon anything and everything in his life and he doesn't really believe in writing the post as an 'article'. So, it can be considered as public journal of the blogger's life. But he also occasionally writes poems. Also, if you visit the blog you are sure to find a lot of experimentation being done (a good thing IMO), with images and videos being added in between the posts and the a lot of widgets been used and regular change of themes etc showing the seriousness of the blogger about his blog . He keeps on (and will keep on) going even if there are not many comments on his posts.

Bright Shades of Darkness (vksingh007.blogspot.com, Blogger: VK ): Well this blog has the potential to become one of the deadliest blogs, but alas the blogger doesn't update it too frequently. He likes to post only 'serious' topics particularly related to politics and day to day happenings in the country. Sometimes he writes poems too (which I believe are great but not the best he has produced). The interface itself is plain and you are bound to see a few spelling mistakes and typos during the posts but that doesn't take away the seriousness in which the posts are written. The length of the posts make it certain that he writes about the topics in which he firmly believes in. And the huge discussions highlight the blogger's interest in long animated debates (something I crave for in my own blog).

MidNight Sun (herowerozero.blogspot.com, Blogger: Katy / Hero Wero Zero ): Another gem of a blog but unfortunately not been updated for close to an year now. The blogger likes to use this blog exclusively to make a point as a poet. On reading the poems one can realize that he likes to experiment a lot with topics of poems and different writing styles (something I have been influenced by). The picture with every poem is also well thought of. This is the blog that I first started to read and have been reading it from its very inception (more than 4 years ago). But still only a handful of posts shows that the blogger takes each post as a separate new project and won't post it until it is 'perfect' (another thing which I hold high regards for). The black interface with yellow font color seems like the blogger's attempt to force readers to concentrate on the content more than anything else.

MyView (myview-saurabh.blogspot.com, Blogger: Sjain / Saurabh ): Like the above two blogs has not been updated since eternity which is simply a waste according to me. Only 4-5 posts make it seem like an experiment gone bad. But this blog deserves a special mention because I can relate a lot to blogger's thinking (if not the blog itself). First the blog name : 'myview' shows the inner urge to present "my view(s)" to the world which the blogger is not able to usually do, due to his shy nature and self-consciousness. Secondly, the blogger thinks of returning to blogging when the timing is 'perfect', when the settings are 'ideal' and when the things are all 'smooth'. Something that I did for such a long time that it took me almost forever to start my own blog. But the blog posts show potential so will hope for the blog to get restarted sooner than later.


I had to do some updates to this post because the blog seemed incomplete without adding another name that has come up recently:

Skand Gupt (skandgupt.blogspot.com, Blogger: Skand Gupt): You need to visit the blog to know why this blog deserves a separate mention. The blogger has kind of exploded in the last 40 days or so (with updates almost everyday!). At this time, he is busy playing with his blog and doing all kinds of stuffs (writing diary, posting pics, showcasing illustrations, posting videos, changing themes and other random stuffs). But this blog is mostly a photo-log and that makes it unique, and also makes it easier to go and marvel; and then comment without taking too much time. Though, the blogger does all the work mainly for himself and his friends and isn't too keen on making his blog popular, he is always open for suggestions from everyone and not afraid to experiment his heart out.

Well I have also seen a few more blogs written by friends (or friends of friends) but have not mentioned them because of they being as good as discarded. While 3 4 out of above 5 3 blogs have also not been updated for a long time, I expect them to continue, even with snail's space. There are a few more people whom I would like to check out blogging but for now these are the posts I read and hope to read a lot more of in the future.

Which blogs do you like to read? Leave a comment.