July 09, 2011

Battle Royale: RavS 3.5 Vs RavS' Bro 3.5

So, here is something interesting I thought about writing for today. You know I have a little brother (technically he is my cousin, but now since he lives with us permanently, I don't like to call him a cousin, so no more explanation about him from now on). And he is really crazy (like you would like little kids to be). He has left me wondering how was I at his age. So, I thought a little bit about it and came up with following points for comparison:

1. TV

RavS: The guy didn't have a TV at home (poor chap!). The only TV he had access to was of his dear neighbors. It was a huge black and white TV encased in a wooden box and the only channels it showed was DD National and DD Metro, which could only be changed by a knob on the TV.

Bro: This kid has got not one but 2 TVs, that too colored ones! Granted they are not the latest models (Flatscreens, LEDs, HDTV etc.) but they are still acceptable. And he can see over 100 channels, by just a click of buttons on his remote. Though only channel he likes to see are cartoons and those showing Saas-Bahu.

2. Computer

RavS: "What's that?" He would have asked you on hearing the word. The only thing remotely resembling computers he had seen was a typewriter which he used to see when his bua used to take him for her typing classes. (Little known fact: This guy would go on to spend 3/4 part of his day staring at the monitor of his computer later on).

Bro: He has got an access to a desktop which may not be the latest and greatest (who has that anyway; specs change every month) but is still respectable enough to play anything. Now he doesn't yet know what's it used for, but he knows how to use the scroller on the mouse (so he would flip the article I am reading) and press the 'Enter' key on Numpad (so he would enter the incomplete chat or command, making a mess sometimes). And yes, he knows what a 'camputar' is!

3. Mobile Phones

RavS: He hadn't heard about one, let alone use one. Only things that he had seen (not used) for telephoning purpose were those huge PCO booths that required coins every half minute to continue talking. (Funny thing, he still doesn't have a mobile phone!)

Bro: He has not 1 but 3 mobile phones at home (not to mention 2 others that got old/damaged). And he has another one of his own too! (OK, that one is a toy). But he is not stupid, he likes to play with 'real' mobiles. So, many times he would hit that 'green' button and redial the last  dialled number, either miss-calling people or giving me the phone to answer and give explanations when the other party picks up. (And God, I hate these phone conversations).

And there are so many other things that RavS' bro posses which RavS hadn't even heard of at his age (viz. a digital camera, a movie player, a PMP (which he calls GaanaaSunn) etc.). But let's talk a little bit about their behaviour also:

4. Nature

RavS: My family says RavS was more forthcoming in his childhood. Well I guess that's the advantage of being a child, you don't have to live up to the society's expectations. But soon enough, he wasn't the only child in the home anymore, so he had to play the role of elder brother and become a role model for them. So, the adventurous nature slowly changed to a more thoughtful approach.

Bro: He is the youngest member in the family and so naturally everyone adores him. This gives him the license to be a home grown little terrorist. So, he would do all kinds of things including pulling my hair, breaking stuffs (he has already put one mobile phone in a water jar), turning off things when in use (TV, water motor) and turning on things when not required (fans, lights). And while I haven't heard a peep from other kids of his age in the neighborhood, he is famous for his shrieks every time he gets scolded.

5. Friends

RavS: Since he didn't have the modern gadgets to play with and pass time, he would go to his neighborhood friends' home to play little stupid games kids play and would enjoy the company for hours. As a result he had many friends, either of his age or a little younger than him.

Bro: The only time he gets out of home is when he goes to school, when his Dad takes him to buy stuffs or for a little walk in the park. A lot of people know him and play with him sometimes, but they are too elderly to be called his friends. So, the only friends he has got are his home-bred brothers and sisters.

And that's it! By taking my own example, I have tried to highlight the differences that have come in the life of today's kids as compared to kids of 2 decades back. We are going more and more towards modernity but are also isolating ourselves (and the kids) from each other.

So, do you agree? Not agree? Comment and let us know.