July 31, 2011


Exactly an year ago I wrote my first blog post on buzzRSH. It was titled I NO longer WANT to be an Engineer. Well, 3 days ago my last semester result was announced and by God's grace I have been able to clear all the semesters without any hiccup. So today I am proud to say, I AM ENGINEER !

When I wrote the aforementioned blog, I was kind of frustrated. Frustrated with the college, the education system, and the education in college. And when I got a mail (mentioned in post) from a good friend stating similar sentiments, I just couldn't stop myself from venting my anger. But year after, when I review the post, I would say it was a bit immature & short-sighted of me to write some of those points (which you should expect from a post written out of anger). In past one year I have realised that life goes beyond marks and competition. Some things are beyond our control, so it's better to accept them and move on. Holding grudges doesn't take us far. And rather than blaming others (peers, teachers, college, education system), we would be better served if we invest time in finding the solution to the problems/hindrances ourselves.

Moving on, I look forward to making an exciting career in the field of Computers/IT and getting closer to my career dreams. When I was a kid, I used to dream of becoming a scientist! But as I grew up, I slowly realised that research is not exactly the field for me (not to say it's not great, just not much interesting to me). So, technology became the next obvious field. My Dad wanted me to become an Engineer. Thankfully, I found my aspirations to be similar!

So rather than being forced to become one, I chose to become an Engineer. Chose Science field in secondary school. Chose to study Computer Science as a subject. And chose to take Computer Science stream in B.Tech (never-mind the college). So, howsoever the life goes from here onwards, I will be responsible for it. And I take pride in it.

Sure, there are lacks of students like me, who take admission in Engineering colleges in India, every year.
Sure, most of them become Engineers anyway after 4 years.
Sure, my university might not be world famous.
Sure, my college might not be come in the category of IITs.
Sure, I don't have the top most marks in my own batch, leave alone in the college/university.

But I will still say that I invested 4 long years of my life and worked hard (despite unpopular perception about engineering studies, it's not a child's play) to earn this distinction. Now nothing (not even the lack of a formal degree!) can take that away from me. Proud to be an Engineer.

PS: Having said, that I don't support using "Er." as a title a'la "Dr.". That feels like an act of desperation to gain attention, to me. But, if you use or support it, it's your call.