July 28, 2011

Battle Royale : RavS vs Ravi

To you *RavS* and *Ravi* might be one and the same, or the names might even not matter. But for me, RavS and Ravi seem to be 2 completely different personalities. It's like I have dual nature and I don't know which one is correct or better than the other. So, to get a clearer view, I asked myself the question... 

Differentiate b/w Ravi and RavS

  • Ravi is a reality, and practicality.
    • RavS is a concept. An ideology.
  • Ravi is God made (through parents :)
    • RavS is self made (with some help from friends)
  • Ravi believes in hard work and dedication.
    • RavS is lazy but believes in smart work and shrewdness.
  • Ravi is a Hindi word that means 'Sun'
    • RavS can have different meanings in different contexts. But basically RavS is an amalgam of words Ravi + Singh.
  • Ravi's full name is Ravi Singh
    • RavS uses RavS RSH for full name (RSH being used as a trademark nickname and in Alt names like @twitRSH).
  • Ravi is shy by nature and needs to be pushed get work done.
    • RavS is ready to take initiative and can push others when the need arises.
  • Ravi likes to play safe.
    • RavS is far more adventurous and is ready to take risks if the stakes are high.
  • Ravi is not very talkative and keeps the conversation to the point.
    • RavS is fun to be with, so people like his company.
  • Ravi is confident in his abilities and works within his limitations.
    • RavS feels insecure and is always looking to improve.
  • Ravi is inclusive, officially and unofficially, so he is answerable to every deed.
    • RavS is exclusive, and underground.
  • Ravi is omnipresent, off and on line.
    • RavS is mostly an Internet alter ego.
  • Ravi is simple, fair and humble.
    • RavS plays with attitude and believes in "ends being more important than means".
  • Ravi does not want a girl friend.
    • RavS does not have a girl friend.
  • Ravi has matured and is ready to take responsibilities (umm.. I guess :).
    • RavS is still not fully defined and is evolving day by day.