January 22, 2012

... It feels good.

From Flickr. Courtesy Meghannash.

The faces that you make,
makes me feel good.
And when a smile comes on that very face,
it feels good.

When you forget something in between,
it feels good.
And then you remind me the same thing,
it feels good.

When there is something to do, that you can't,
it feels good.
Because making you understand,
is what feels good.

When you go bury yourself in studies,
it feels good.
And when the same studies puts you to sleep,
it feels good.

When you make me stop as I depart,
it feels good.
And when you stop while getting apart,
it feels good.

I don't like it 
when you say sorry to me,
but the way you sorry,
really feels good.

When you come in thoughts while going to sleep,
it feels good.
And when the heart reminds you first thing in morning,
it feels good.

Red, Black, Blue, Voilet,
Who cares?
Whatever you wear, on you
Everything looks good.

I don't like it 
when someone else talks to you
But when you talk to someone,
they also start to feel good.

Thought many times, to sit near and talk,
couldn't gather the courage to do so,
But seeing you even from far off,
feels good too.

When you look at me even once,
it feels good.
And when I keep smiling on those looks,
it feels goood.

Yes, it feels good.
But it's scary too.
The increasing anxiety drowns,
And pain inside continuously growls.

In few days you won't be near,
would have far gone from here.
Your memories will all I be left with,
And the things that feel good now
Will make me cry, forever.