January 01, 2012

12 Random Wishes for 2012...

Michael Jackson Happy New Year
All images taken from Flickr.

1. Sachin gets his 100th 100. 
Damn it Sachin, it's been too long. Let's finish this off ASAP, so that we can start obsessing about your 50th ODI ton.

2. India wins The Series Down Under.
I remember the debacle in 1999, I remember the heroics and bad luck of 2003 and 2007. But just heroism is not enough. I want to see you winning the Border-Gavaskar Cup. Period.

The greatest tennis player of all time
3. Roger makes it his "Grand Slam" year.
It feels like Fedex is a setting sun, way past his glowing years. But I still have hope; belief that he can still rise again like a phoenix and get past the Rafas and Djokers. How about winning all 4 slams this year?! Besides I like the smile on his wife's face when he wins :)

4. MSC wins a race in the last Championship of his life.
When Schumi retired in 2007, it felt like F1 is retiring for me. I desperately searched for a new hero to look forward to but couldn't find any. So, when he returned back last year, it was like a dream come true. But, it's been embarrassing seeing him in the middle of the pack, just racing for a position. He deserves at least a win in his farewell championship. And yes, I want to go to this year's Indian GP!

5. I learn to say "You are Welcome".
Howsoever hard I try, it seems I can never say "Welcome!", "You're Welcome", "It was a pleasure" etc. whenever somebody thanks me. Instead I say "OK", "Alright", "Not a problem", <nothing> etc. What the heck!

6. Lokpal Bill gets passed.
This issue is just dragging on and on. I know it's not the easiest bill of them all to pass, but I believe a lot of friction is coming because a lot of egos are at stake here. And I know whatever bill comes, it will take years of commitment and polishing to get it working properly. Why don't we just get it started for now? You know it's disgusting to see an old man going on Anshan every now and then for the issue.

7. India wins loads of Golds this Olympics.
All said and done, no feeling beats the warmth and pride in the heart when an Indian goes at the topmost podium on the mother of all sporting spectacles. I want that feeling, I want to live that moment again! And again and again!

8. This blog gets even more awesome.
Last year was the year when I proved to myself that "Yes! I can be a blogger", good or bad doesn't matter. I have always tried to experiment with different things. This year I want to experiment even more and hopefully become a more consistent and dedicated writer.

9. They reconstruct the lanes in my colony.
I don't know if I will get to live in my area for most part of the year, but with all the construction going here for the past few years, it's a pain in the feet to walk over the dug up lanes. And it gets worse during monsoon :/

~ golden dream ~
"Golden Dream" courtesy Fussel
10. I get a girl.
Well this one more for friends than myself. "What Ravi/RavS! You don't have a girlfriend? You must be joking!". It's so painful to explain that it's true. Now, I can also make up a story, generate a fictitious girlfriend, but I am not that good in lying. Plus, as they say truth is so more beautiful than fiction! (or was it "stranger"?)

11. I learn Telugu.
Well, it's not like I intend to settle in that awesome southern region (though it's a "remote" possibility :D ), but because learning a new language is always fun (and this I say by trying out so many programming languages!). It's time I learn a language that actually humans speak, at least to form some basic phrases. "Avanu, Nenu can!" :D

12. The world does not end.
For as much as I want this Kalyug to end and Satyug to start again, I would at least like to complete the average life expectancy that humans currently have. Bas kuch saal aur ruk jaao bhagwaan...

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