January 20, 2012

I Will Listen.

Taken from Flickr under CC license
The next time you talk,
I will listen.
Not just from ears,
But from the heart.
And process it.
Not just from the mind,
But from the soul.

Till the time you keep talking...
I will control the disturbance outside,
and shut down the turbulence inside.
That impeding noise of hatred,
Those heart-wrenching memories of failures,
Will all be gone! 
...till the time you keep talking.

When you will speak, 
There will be only you in the moment,
And no one else will be allowed to enter it.
All other works will cease to exist,
Like they were never there to begin with.

You will be the only person in the universe
Who will matter in those precious seconds.
On you will I focus,
In you will I search my zen.

Your words will become the lyrics,
Your voice will be music to my ears,
And so your little talk will become a song,
A song worth listening for years.

The modulation in your speech,
The glow in your eyes,
Those waving hands,
And that smiling face,
I will absorb them in my core,
And imprint them in my memory, forever.

For a change, I will concentrate on you,
And not on me, myself, my pride,
For a change, I will hear what You want to say,
And not what I want to hear.

And there will be nothing artificial,
My attempts will not be fake,
Because I will listen, because I want to listen,
You will not have to make any efforts,
To see my eagerness, the excitement, the intent,

And also that little apology,
For the last time, I didn't pay attention.
And also the gratitude,
For letting me listen to you, again.

The next time you talk,
I promise you this,
With all the honesty in my heart,
I. Will. Listen...