January 01, 2011

ToDo Today

People say whatever you do on first day of the year, you tend to repeat the whole year. Last time, the first thing I did when clock rang 12 was to call XP and chatted with him for some good time. Had a tiff with him for sometime of the year!

Anyway, that won't stop me from making a todo for the first day of the first year of the second decade of present millennium. 

Will try and do them in the order presented but that's not a hard and fast rule.
  1. Write todo (what am I doing right now, dummy?)
  2. Post a blog (just as you read this you know it's done)
  3. Bath in the morning (Well, holiday and winter shouldn't be an excuse at least today)
  4. Pray (So finally God gets an appointment from my busy schedule :)
  5. Meditate (Sounds cheesy but I fully understand the importance of it)
  6. Take blessings from family elders (no scientific advantage of this practice but invaluable morally)
  7. Read Newspaper (Nowadays like supplements more than the main newspaper... No more scams please)
  8. Watch a movie/TV episode (well if you know you are going to do it on a holiday why be ashamed to announce it)
  9. Call/Chat with close friends (not those whom I met in person today!)
  10. Way2SMS rest (well even Tata Indicom takes premium charges for SMS on special occasions, so Way2SMS rules, but only if it's working)
  11. Scrap 'bache-kuche' (hey so don't blame me, I don't have their numbers. Plus its reminder to me and others that I am still alive on Orkut :)
  12. Program (Lets actually do it instead of pretending to do. How about printing 'To hell with world' in five different languages?)
  13. Study (Hey RavS you are still a student, remember? When was the last time I voluntarily studied? hmm..)
  14. Meet YogS in person (Kitna pyaara vaada hai!)
  15. Meet YogS on time (No comments)
  16. Goto Sector 6 Market (Best Hangout in the whole world!!.. Well actually its because of lack of better hangouts)
  17. Buy an electronic gadget (lets continue the tradition, transistor radio will do for today)
  18. Check Google Reader (Old habits die hard)
  19. Help bros/sis (when you have so many siblings to choose from and you are the eldest, you got some moral obligations to fulfil)
  20. Sleep early (Hehe.. Are you kidding?!)
And here are 11 fillers to be done at some point or another through the day.
  1. Tweet with PK (who else listens anyway?)
  2. 'Like'/Comment your own tweet on Buzz (Buzz is a flop ;( )
  3. Do something never done before (oh well that will be adventurous, but what??)
  4. Ridicule Sui (ohh.. I miss good old times)
  5. Read Katy's :(old) poem (it's been a long time since...)
  6. Make fun of an XP SMS (well his SMS are an invitation to get creative, I can't help myself)
  7. Argue with VK on a trivial issue (He loves a good debate, I love giving a good debate)
  8. Talk to a friend not in contact for 5 years (friends are like wine, the older the better (though have never tasted wine so can't vouch for it))
  9. Don't open 'Windows' (Nowadays I don't have too many Windows anyway. Just 7 in the whole home ;)
  10. Listen to music (Obvious)
  11. Admire a jhand art (artist jhand ho sakta hai, uska art nahin)

So, looks like I have got a packed 1st January. Hopefully I will have packed and happening year too. Here is wishing you the same!

Happy New Year MMXI

PS: The above document is not legally binding. I can't be sued by anybody including me for not abiding to above conditions. If you have any kind of problem with these terms and condition, please comment.