January 29, 2011

WIBWIB (Why I Blog What I Blog)

(Alright, so this is my 25th post so far on this blog. Half the distance covered :) Now irrespective of whether I complete my task of 50 (which I am committed to), I think I have proved to myself that I can also write.)  So, now probably is the time to introspect about why I blog or want to blog anyway:

1. I want to be coo!
Everyone wants; and who doesn't is not path3tic, but worse than that. I read about this thing called "blogging" a long time back, almost 4 years back at the start of 2007. I thought, "wow, how cool it will be to have a weblog of your own". Of course, every task worth doing required dedication and preservation. But we are not attracted to Photoshopping or dancing or programming, because it requires dedication but we find them coo! and dream ourselves looking coo! doing them.

2. I had something to say
OK, I am not very vocal. But that doesn't mean I have nothing to offer. Nothing goes in my mind. No thoughts cross the brain. In fact, it is quite the reverse, I think I respond to everything going on in my surrounding. But the inability to express myself was really damning. So, this blog is like my mouthpiece (think Shiv Sena's "Saamna" ;).

3. As a medium to communicate
Every time I meet a friend after long time they seem to be pretty eager to know about me. They want to know what's going on in my life. Using Internet messaging,Twitter, Orkut etc. are some of the ways to tell what's up! Blogging is a part of that long term strategy.

4. I think I can entertain
You know I find myself really boring sometimes. But that doesn't mean I want to die oblivion. I choose to be funny, if not so in real life, then in virtual second life. OK, I am not bragging that I am the funniest guy you will come around, but if the little amount of feedback I get for my posts are something to go by, you like reading it!

5. Desire to do something creative
I have another misconception about myself that I am not as much creatively blessed than my friends. I am just that guy who crams stuff and get some good marks and becomes "O holy studious RavS". And I want to challenge myself. I want myself to think I more than a book worm (which I am not anyways). Once my friend Katy (name changed due to privacy reasons) said that he wanted to change others' notion towards himself by doing new things, so he started writing poems along side painting and quizzing. These posts are somewhat inspired from that thinking.

6. To have a pet 'project'
Another friend (who doesn't want to be named) pushes me to have a project to look forward to. While the direction he prods in some other one, this blog is actually like a project to me which I am building, slowly and slowly, day by day. Some posts are so fantastic that I laugh on them myself while others look drab/stupid, which make me second guess about posting them. But, anyways, I am proud of whatever I have posted here and will continue to do so.

7. An Experimental platform
When I really do something 'on my own', I really like to experiment with it. My life itself is a big experiment for me. And this blog is an extension of that. I think you will agree that I have chosen different topics and sometimes different writing styles to post. In future I will continue to do that. I want to go beyond my limits as a limited writer.

8. To think clearly
A lot of thoughts keep roaming in my mind all the time. But they are vague. It seems like I am not sure about a few things, where I stand in my opinion about them (it happens with me a lot, during debates). So writing blog gives strength to my views and make them concrete, clear. Sometimes I get surprised reading my own posts (thoughts).

9. Typing practice :)
Alright, this is just a side bonus and not a primary motivation to blog.

PS: Well actually all above points are time pass/waste. The right reason is my competitive nature. Everybody seems to be creating a blog. I just want to say loud and clear, "Whatever you write, whatever you think; Doesn't Matter. MY BLOG IS BETTER THAN WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE OR ARE GOING TO HAVE. PERIOD" :$