February 09, 2011

Happy BuzzDay!!


[Excerpt from Wikipedia]
Google Buzz was announced on February 9, 2010, in a press conference at the company's Mountain View headquarters and launched on the same day, at 11 am PT for the first set of users. The feature, available from the Gmail inbox, was rolled out to Gmail accounts in the following weeks. .... Within 56 hours of its release, 9 million posts were made on Google Buzz — approximately 160,000 posts and comments per hour.

Today is February 9. Now, I don't think I started using the Buzz on the first day itself (in fact at that time I used to visit even Gmail in weeks). I also don't remember what was my first post. But I slowly started using Google Buzz (primarily because of Google and less because of Buzz) and started to like it. Some friends also joined in between and now I am a permanent (but not aggressive) user of Buzz.

This post is not about explaining why I like Google Buzz or why you should use it. But this post is "Buzzy" in its own right. I have used Buzz in a number of ways, from sharing news, information, jokes, thoughts, videos, pictures, wishes and of course a blog! So, I thought what's the other ways of using Buzz? Here are some that I could think of (you are encouraged to add some of your own if you want):

• Oh, my love, I Buzz you so much that I can't even think to Buzz without you, even for a moment.
• Proposal: Will you Buzz me? Or should I ask your friend?
• Every Buzz you take, every Buzz you make... I will be Buzzing you.
• Jab kisi cheeze ko Buzz se chaaho, to saari Kayanaat tumhari Buzzane me lag jaati hai.

• I am really Buzzy right now, Buzz Off from here; or I Buzz to God I will Buzz you.
• I will get the Buzz out of you, you moron!
• Teri Buzz ki aankh, kameen.
• Saala, baawadi Buzz kahin ka.
• These Mo** Buzzer terrorist think that killing innocents is a form of Jehaad. What the B*zz...

• Hey we don't have any classes now, so let us all go to a park and (play) Buzz today, what say?
• We should Buzz everyday, preferably in the morning. It's good for mental and physical health.
• I don't know why can't we Buzz everyday for sometime. You know it's impossible to Buzz so much during exams.
• I follow a number of blogs. Some of the posts I really liked were "Those beautiful Buzzs", "My first Buzz", "8-minute Buzz".
• I am supposed to be the co-Buzzer of my friend's Buzz "Buzz-Me". Too bad, I haven't Buzzed even once for him.
• Well once I start watching Buzz on my system I can spend my whole day, though I do feel Buzzy about it later.
• I like all kinds of Buzz: Indian, Western, Solo, Groups. But if you are my favorite Buzz-star, it doesn't mean I will like all your Buzzs. One needs to keep re-inventing to stay interesting.
• Everybody asks me, who is your Buzz friend? Well, I don't want to name him but he will be smiling reading this :)

(OK I am not explaining what I meant by each "Buzz" above. Just let your imagination run wild ;)

What would Buzz have been called if ...... were the owner?

Yogs: DesiBuzz4U
PK: SoBuzz3tic
XP: Lolzz
Jhand: Buzzhand
SJain: BuJJains
VK: Bu??
Katy: herobuzzero
RavS: RavZZ

(I think each one knows why).

Happy Birthday Buzz!!