January 21, 2011

Main, TV aur Vo... (sab bakwaas)

When I didn't have the computer system (around 7 years ago) TV was the main source of entertainment for me. So, I would spend hours watching TV especially on Holidays. After getting Cable Television the choices increased exponentially. So always had something to see. Getting another TV seemed God sent. But soon I started tor realise that it was actually a curse rather than boon.

Those bitchy vamp ladies started to laugh even more heinously and our sati-saavitri, holier-than-thou, I-m-the-bhartiya-naari, I-can-wail-more-than-you, heroine started to get more and more ugly with her cry cry. Here I am trying to sleep as I have to go to school tomorrow and here comes Paarvati-my-bhains and Tulsi-my-unmentionable, the next generation super heroins who could never be wrong and have taken the task of rooting every evil in the world. A few times I myself almost came to weeping because of head ache from their 'Shock.. Shock.. Shock..' scenes. 

A lot of years have passed since the first generation of rona-dhona Serials, but nothing much has changed. Every entertainment channel is advertising it's 'breakthrough' serial based on a 'new' concept. But you open any channel, it will still have a touch-me-not heroine who is always considered wrong and who will silently suffer because she is trying to save her family name. Who will never keep up with her work but will try and find a problem and then solve it. 

And the lady villains whom you never see eating, cooking, dusting or anything but always making plans to destroy their enemy. (I recommend them to our I.B.). The heroes who are actually side actors, always misunderstand and get misunderstood. Always, ready to get/give a slap when the heroine gets frustrated.

What's more hilarious is they always get to wear a new saari/dress in every episode even when they are almost at the verge of breaking down from depression. They will always wear makeup and tonnes of jewellery even when they go to bathroom. And I can bet with anybody that there can NOT be an episode where not even a single character cries truck-load of glycerin. 

The problem is that average viewers of such shows (housewives) really get emotionally attached to them and they really can not withstand anything wrong happening to the protagonist. Even they can't be blamed for the lack of 'real' entertaining stuff. So, it's like a chicken and egg situation.

When the scene of fictional series is such, the hope hinges on Reality TV shows. Now barring a few shows, the reality shows are even more depressing. Nothing looks real. Everything seems to be scripted in order to trick the stupid viewers to come and watch the drama. People are marrying on TV and then taking divorces once the show is over. A lot of people are fans of Big Boss. But I don't understand what people like in seeing 'celebrities' swearing at each other. And the latest "Maa Exchange" is such a ridiculous concept that I would like to personally exchange the Maa-Behen of creative head of the channel.

The only ray of light for me are the Sports channels and News Channels. But as I highlighted in one of my earlier posts, the sports channels are becoming more and more money hungry and fleecing the viewers. And ever since India TV came, it changed the concept of a "News Channel". None of the Hindi News Channel (now including NDTV India) will show you news without sensationalising/dramatizing it. And with English News Channels, you might have heard about a few things regarding CNN IBN too like how they are showing wrong reports and covering up things etc. So, don't know what else is left then.

There are a few other types of channels also like Music Channels which are perfect for limited time-passing, but nothing more than that. Or everyones' favorite (and safe to watch) Spiritual Channels. I have tried to watch them a few times, but they are so good (no pun) that I couldn't watch them over long periods, because of getting overwhelmed.

There are English movie and English Entertainment Channels but I am not really comfortable watching them with family (tell me if you are!). I have recently started watching (after downloading) foreign TV shows. They are like a breath of fresh air. So, it is so easy for me to get hooked to them and watch them episode after episode till the series gets over and then move onto another series. Everybody knows almost all Indian TV shows (except our own traditional Saas Bahu) concepts are 'inspired' from the foreign ones.

This is one of those blog post's where I give all the problems but don't offer any solution. I just can't think what can be done about this situation anyways. I guess till the time the viewers (the females in our family) do not start to say NO to such stupid stuff, I will have no option but to pour my frustration in a blog post. I really have high hopes from the new gen. alpha female. Please don't disappoint me ladies. Please.