January 04, 2011

If I could suck powers

Well I have been a big comic fan since my childhood. I used to read about these super heroes and super villains who were just full of awesomeness and incredibility. I used to fantasize about one day becoming a super hero myself and saving the world (I knew I would have to wear underwear out of pants but I really wanted to wear those knee length boots). I think those were the things that really got me into reading (more about my reading habits some other time).

Well, as I grew  up those  fantasies kind of  faded  away.  But  one  thing that stuck me was the ability of the character  to  take power (some times gifted, sometimes loaned, sometimes sucked)  from other  characters in the comic book. I still think how much cool it would be take powers and becoming super powerful.  I  know that's not gonna happen in the real world. But hypothetically, if I was allowed to do that, here is what  ONE power I would have sucked out of my friends.

But wait, why suck? Why not just multiply or share or something? Well the reason is that because I am kind of jealous that they posses such characteristics. And I want to be the only superhero in the story! So here goes..

Katy: I have always believed, he is the coolest guy I have every met. He has this kind of calm around him. And I find it fascinating because I become cold feet when it comes to entering the unknown. Never saw him getting angry or annoyed with anything (well except that one incident in school but that was fluke). And I on the other hand can sometimes loose my temper. OK, I am not of violent nature, but I really don't like when I get out of control. So, I would have sucked coolness (as in nature wise) out of him.

VK: The solution to any and every problem on this universe. And I say this with all the seriousness in the world. I mean whenever I have met/talked to this guy, he has told me something that has altered my way of thinking about one concept or other. Even when he doesn't know of something, or is not an expert in something, then he will use his common-sense and practicality and get out of situation winning. You just cannot win from him. Period. But what kind of power is common-sense you may ask. Well when you use it, you will know what I mean!

YogS: May be the closest friend I ever had (and by closest I don't imply best!). And being closest I can vouch for his genuineness and simplicity. Many a times he has made me look like a fake (in my own eyes). Well he can be a little bit too straight talker, which can annoy people (well it surely has pissed me off a few times!) but then I know he is truthful and sincere in his heart. So, I would never let him change that (OK, may be only when I suck his powers). He is a WYSIWYG. So, if I can be the same it will be great. 

PK: This guy brings a sense of surety to the scene. You know he will come up with a solution, whatever the problem in hand. So when he is on your side, there is no reason to panic. you get to sleep peacefully.     (Note: Don't confuse VK with PK. I mean VK comes out of the problem by murdering the problem itself while PK gets the problem arrested). I have always admired his all round ability and being able to do so many things. So he is like a palette of colors not just a combination of your favorite hues. And he always replies to my (even though stupid) messages. Always. (OK, replying is not a power, but he Always does it).

XP: Where does he get this friendliness power? I mean the number of friend he has got everywhere you go is ridiculous. (Though if you ask him, he will say he is a loner, a path3tic guy, may be because he is a vamp or something) I on the other hand have never been the friendliest guy on universe (But do I really want to be?). OK, I know there can be a lot of people who possess this ability to befriend people in a matter of minutes but I know about only one such creature. Of course, having this ability can have its disadvantages (I really pity when he gets screwed collectively) but I think with above mentioned powers, his 'friendliness' will make a killer combo.

Laloo: At first I am tempted to suck all the artistry out of him. But that will be wrong, because all above mentioned names are creatively special in their own ways. So, what I want to get out of him is his charmness. Well I am not talking physique and face value here (though he possess a fairly good one ;) but the nature. He can get you to do the things for him, even when you don't want. I have done it a few times myself and I don't have any rational explanation for favoritism. So, this mystical power will be kind of coo! to have.

The Jain: The one Jain in my life (because I have never met the other Jains). He may not come out as a very friendly guy and some of his habits may make one think, he is glum. But then everybody possess something 'extra'. I really like his seriousness towards life. Well, I have come to experience, that his luck is worse than mine (if anything like luck exists), but because of his focus, he has been able to perform where I can't even imagine to put myself into. And with a little bit more self esteem and positivity towards life (which I already have) if I can get this power I can really be own my way of becoming a Legendary superhero.

OK, I am not saying I am a total idiot who doesn't have anything special. That would have been more lame than humble. I already have a bit of all powers mentioned above. But the above mentioned people have this in abundance (like magnified 5 times) and having them all is gonna make me a real powerhouse.

PS: The ulterior motive of this post is to make you self conscious of your powers, so you start to loose it up. If I can't have it, so shouldn't you. I said I was jealous you have this power, remember?