December 25, 2010

My First Mental Vomit [Poem]

Well its frustrating,
Don't you think so?
When you have to say something,
But have no one to go.

Yes there are parents, but lets admit,
We haven't been as close to them.
Well may be when we were kids,
but now life's all different and grim.

Of course, there are friends to give a shout,
but they got their own problems too.
You don't want to freak them out,
and give them yours to chew.

Yeah, nowadays you have 'The Internet'
You can spend your whole life exploring.
But when you realize its hollower than thou,
It feels incredibly boring.
Google after all, is not the answer,
Not for everything.

Sometimes in life you hit a low patch.
And you seek someone to come hold you,
say "you idiot, why did you fall?"
and then listens to all your excuses,
without taking a call.
(I realize, one can do the same,
by standing in front of wall :)

And here goes inner pessimist:
"Hey, why would anyone choose a loser?
And if there is anyone, 'that' crazy,
Why would she choose me,
since losers are in majority."

So, you sit there alone,
or may be talk a walk.. lonely.
Oh God why this life sux,
Why can't I have a problem alley?

You don't always listen to me,
All I want is someone to listen.
But isn't made of concrete,
but blood and flesh.
OK not just a problem fellow,
but someone to share life's mess.
Someone a bit more intimate.
So you don't second guess,
just say and don't regret.

And when you realize its nowhere near you,
the frustration amplifies,
Noise in head screams out loud,
And the inner you silently cries.

Wanted to end this piece on a happy note,
say there is still battle to be fought.
That the 'solution' to problems is waiting somewhere,
eager to be found out.
Yes, hope is still there,
but that's dwindling day by day.
Becoming more and more difficult to tell now,
how much longer its gonna stay.

Is my faith weak or the 'fix' doesn't exist?