July 08, 2012

When you came in thoughts... (An year ago)

You know I have never met you
I tell you, it really sucks
But then, I think it gives me a leverage
And it's not bad as such.
I can think of you,
the hell way I want to,
And there is nothing you can do about it,
until you come and stop me to do.

Untitled by williamterra. Taken under CC licence.
And it may seem like a joke,
but I am not joking,
it is true,
Whoever are you, I think of you,
does it really matter,
that I haven't, like ever, met thou?

Well it has happened with me a million times...

When I have been giving exams,
and was stuck in a difficult situation,
And then you came in between,
and became my little distraction.
You know it gets difficult to answer questions,
when you are demanding a separate attention.
With all the time that I keep loosing
It's funny it doesn't cause much me tension,
As, without anyone even noticing,
I virtually met you during an examination!

Sometimes I am reading. something. interesting,
and your thought passes my mind.
I start thinking what you would be reading,
and what thoughts would be in your mind.
And would you be stupid enough,
to think... well... about me.
Or be the smarter one
and keep studying carefree,
And let all the thinking, dreaming
chore, be done by me.

That day I was taking a walk,
and suddenly the thought crossed,
What you would be doing this evening,
Cooking food, feeding birds,
just having fun doing home stuffs?
Or may be talking to your girlfriends,
on that terrace of yours.
OK, I might be wrong totally,
who knows you may be lazier than The Lazy,
But I am sure that you would be breathing blissfully,
and that's what matters most to me.

Interestingly as I write these words,
You come again and take that cognitive space.
And well it may seem absurd,
that I don't even require a face.
I have so many thoughts of you,
that I can imagine you with eyes open.
And who would have thought,
that my thoughts about you,
would just be a pinch prettier than yourself!

And, no. Make no mistake.
I am not complaining.
It's just that you come in thoughts,
When I least expect,
I don't mind, but please knock,
When you come in fact...