July 19, 2012

Ravi Ji: Conditions Apply

I have been noticing that the phrase "Ravi Ji" is being abused and misused all over India. I greatly object to this utter non-adherence to the rules. People don't realize that "Ravi Ji" is a copyrighted phrase (the copyright has been lost somewhere but it will be found soon). Hence only selected few people are allowed to use this phrase:
  •  People belonging to political and administrative circles: These are the ones who get the most  "Jis". It will really be heartwarming to hear a "Ravi Ji" from one of these!
  • (Native) People of Hyderabad: The phrase was coined in the city, after a lot of debate and struggle hence the native people there were granted exclusive rights to use the phrase by amending the constitution. It's a shame most of those residents don't know of their right.
  • Namrata R: The joint copyright holder of the phrase.
  • Friends older than 7 years (not the age of person stupid, the age of friendship): 7 being a random number that first popped in mind.
  • Fellow Gootles: I told you, being a gootle comes with its own perks!
  • People who have taken money from me: They better call me "Ravi Ji". More importantly they must give me back my money. I have begged for it enough number of times.
  • Family, and friends who are part of extended family: These people already know they can call me whatever the heck they want.
  • Underweight People: I want to become the leader of such guys. We people may be underdogs but we are never underachievers. Mind it!
  • If you belong to an upper caste and are fair in color: Heck yeah, I love casteism and racism!

Well if you don't belong to any of above mentioned categories but still want to use the phrase, you still have hope! Fill and submit the below mentioned form. If deemed fit, right to use the phrase would be granted for a limited period.

If you don't want to fill this (rather short) form, then you can also write to me on my personal email id requesting for the access.

Please do note that use of phrase without having a licence permission is a criminal offence and it may land you in the middle of many litigation. It's advisable to be mindful of this fact.