February 26, 2012

Untitled: Part 4 (Prologue)

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*Trrringgggg* *Trrringgggg* *Trringgggg*

My mobile alarm startled me. I desperately ran my hands all over the bed to somehow get to the phone. Luckily I found it soon enough, and put it on snooze. It's a universal truth that the sleeping period during the 5-10 minutes of snooze time is the sweetest. I kept tussling with the wailing alarm but after the 6th snooze went off, I finally gave up.

[1 minute later]
With eyes half closed I looked at the watch. It was already over 8.30 am. I had to meet Pankaj, Saif and Parag around 10. Anymore time on bed and I was surely gonna get late. Sundays are the worst days to get up early. At first I thought of just leaving everything and go back to sleep, only to realize I was the one who made today's plan!

[15 minutes later]
Still not fully awake, I brushed my teeth, with Eminem's 'Won't Back Down' playing on the PMP. Brushing teeth is the easiest activity I do in the morning. Bathing is the hardest for me. I started looking for excuses to delay the dreaded activity. I folded the bedsheet, took out clothes to wear from Almirah, did the breakfast, thought of one random 'Good Morning' message to send as a group text. As the message start reaching all over India one by one, I polished  my boots, fully aware that I was going to wear chappals. But after running out of all the activities (and all songs of Recovery) I finally gathered all the courage and went to bath...

 [10 minutes later]
"Bathing is the best activity one can do in the morning, why do I get so afraid of bathing, then?" As I watched my cleaned but stubbled face umpteenth time in the mirror, I pondered over this age old question. Convinced I would never be able to solve this mystery, I got ready quickly and left the room, but not before checking myself in mirror one last time.

[5 minutes later]
As I walked the criss crossed paths, the cool breeze over the still wet hair felt good, the warm comforting sunshine engulfed me and everything around. The shiny flashy buildings, the gardens, the roads, the pavements, the construction workers working with zen like spirit, the beggar who didn't care to take a holiday even on Sunday, everything and everyone looked so bright, and in a weird sense cheerful. This was one of the most glorious mornings I was living, for a long time.

[6 minutes later]
As I reached the bus stop, I quickly glanced at the watch. It was already 9.44 am. Of course, I was going to get late, but they can't be my friends if they don't know I will *always* be late. The bus stand was fairly empty, probably because it was a Sunday. A group of 3-4 youth who looked like college students was chattering just in front of me, probably going for a movie or something. As I sat there reading all the 'Good Morning' replies I got, I noticed a girl sitting at the other end of the bench. I felt something was troubling her... Definitely.