February 19, 2012

Untitled: Part 3

Reaching the front end of the bus was nothing short of an adventure in itself. If anyone ever wanted to research on how much flexible a human body can be, then they should try travelling in one of these Indian buses. But I have had plenty of such experiences travelling in Delhi buses, that I managed to do the impossible. After nudging the elbows, knees and feet of about 2 dozen men and women I somehow reached my 'destination' (destiny?). 

On any other day, I would have whined about how overcrowded Indian buses are or how overcrowded India itself is, or moaned about how easy it is for women to travel in buses with seats always reserved for them. More so in this city where I found that seats are reserved for women not on one but both sides of the bus! But not today. Today my mind was busy with something more useful!

I positioned myself in such a way so as to get a full glance of my... err... reason-to-be-in-the-bus. I had to push the 'uncle' on my right, a little, so as to occupy the premium view. He had this displeased look on his face, but today was not the day to care about normal people. 

And there she was! Still anxious, still silent, still beautiful... A warm smile spread all over my face. I really didn't have words to describe how good it felt seeing her. I was also a little worried she may recognize me and get suspicious. But her continued nervous expression reassured me that she was too busy in her thoughts to notice her silent admirer of last 37 minutes.

Her big round chunky eyes were looking out of the window, hair flowing back, black dupatta was sitting pretty on the right side of half sleeved black kurti and chhudidaars, a reddish orange thread on the left wrist, a kangan and watch on the right one, deep brown colored handbag over the lap, a phone in the right hand, a little black bindi on the forehead and a gold nose ring completed the look.

I really wanted to take a picture of my... , from my phone cam. But didn't have the courage to take one in front of everyone, and didn't have the skills to do it discreetly. Damn it!

So, I tried to memorize all the features of her round little face: the lips, the chin, the cheeks, the earlobes, the eyebrows, the eyelashes. I couldn't help but notice that beside a little eyeliner, she wasn't wearing any makeup. Probably, she also agreed with me that any artificial make-up harms the natural scenery. Ahh.. If only other girls agreed with us.

Suddenly, I realized that the phone in my pocket had been vibrating for sometime now. As I reached to take up the call, I knew who would be calling me at this time...

[to be continued]