February 23, 2014

Untitled : Part 11

The big old shared auto was running with a speed which was known only to itself or its driver. Even the road condition was so bad, it felt we were sitting in a roller coaster without belt. I didn't know where we were going. And I didn't care. Saara was still with me. The auto was mostly empty except for those 2 old ladies sitting on the opposite side in front. They kept staring at me as if I was an extra terrestrial creature and they were NASA scientists. One of them smiled at me, and I responded with a goofy little smile. Then she turned to the other lady and said something in her ear, after which the other lady grinned widely while they both looked at me.

"Yeah bitch loudly Amma, I won't understand anyway", I wanted to shout, but it didn't matter. I was in a nervous situation and I didn't know what to do or say. I looked at my mobile. It was over 1 pm now. No call. No message. May be Parag and co really forgot me. I felt bad. If something happens to me in this city, they were the only people who would come to my aid. Not Saara. And today I ditched them for a girl whom I might not even meet again, ever in my life. I hoped they will forgive me. Yeah, they will definitely forgive. That's what friends do.

The first lady said something to me. I didn't understand. I shook my right palm signalling I didn't get a word. She understood and nodded and then both the ladies started talking to each other again, laughing at certain intervals. 

I wondered what they were talking about. Their main focus was obviously me, but they were looking at Saara also sometimes. May be they thought we were lovers. I wish you were right guys. Thanks Ammas, I smiled. May be they thought we were spouses. Hey that's getting a little too far ahead alright. Don't think a lot . I frowned. 

I looked at Saara. She was taking a nap. All that walk of last 30-40 minutes would have made her tired.

Aah.. how innocent she looked while sleeping. There was no sight of that unnerving mysterious anxiety on her face right now. As if nothing mattered in the world. As if the universe was the safest place to take refuge. I had an ache in my guts looking at her calm face. I turned my face to the other way and looked outside of auto.

The auto was still moving at an easy pace of 20-30 Kmph. It had started to drizzle now and the cold breeze was bringing a few rain drops inside too. I moved slightly ahead over the seat, to cover the open gate. So that the rain drops don't reach Saara and disturb her sleep. The Hero Rids was at work here. The ladies in front would have surely noticed this nice guy move of mine.

I looked at them and sure enough they both were staring at me. One of them smiled. I assumed she said "Nice gesture Rids. Well done!". I gave my "Thanks Amma" smile. Then both ladies looked at each other, and we all shared a grin, taking care not to wake up Saara. I imagined it was our silent "High - five". Who said you need language to communicate?

I wanted to look at Saara again, but her innocence was unbearable. I felt I would hurt her, just by glancing at her. I tried and tried but I wouldn't be able to look at her for more than 20 seconds. I was also afraid she would get up and find me staring at her. But I was never going to get another opportunity. I was never going to get another opportunity. The thought brought a feeling of sadness.

There was that enticing slight fragrance around her. I was sure it was not from a perfume. You can always spot smell of a perfume. They mostly make you dizzy. But this felt different. It was barely noticeable. That fragrance had pheromonal quality which felt known. I concluded it to be a mixture of sweet lime and lily. That's what Saara smelled like.  

As the auto took a sharp turn, her head came over my shoulder. Her butterfly clip scrapped my right cheek. "Ouch!", said the heart. But that didn't wake her up. If I had not known otherwise, I would have assumed she was drugged. Without realizing she held my arm for support. The ladies in front raised their eyebrows. The heart raised its speed.

I reminded me how it was pounding when we met those 2 men in the lane just half an hour ago...