April 08, 2013

All Hail Buffalo!

I have never been able to understand why people look into ancient religious texts or look up to expired 'great people' to know how to live life. We can always learn from people and animals nearby us, roaming around in our everyday life.

Well continuing with our annual tradition of writing something on The Buffalo, in today's post I want to discuss what all things we can learn from this humble creature. Of course, some people will rubbish it saying buffalo is a useless animal, and I am a lunatic to think that we can ever learn something from it. But you need to be able to experience what's it like to be a buffalo to be able to truly appreciate its qualities. Now it's up to you, whether you want to take these buffalo advices and be awesome like a buffalo, or keep on living your path3tic life.

No Buffaloes were harmed while taking these pictures.

1. Being a buffalo means being humble: Have you ever seen an animal more humble than a buffalo? Of course, it has far more uses than say a stray dog or a mosquito or a Chimpanzee. But They never keep it in zoo, people never come to visit it. But she never makes a hue and cry out of it. It goes on doing it's work, i.e. giving milk.

Does this buffalo seem to be giving any damn?
2. A buffalo never gives a damn: No buffalo has ever given even a single damn about increasing traffic, or global warming or growing crime rates against women or even terrorism. So, why do we give a damn about any damn thing in the world. All that the buffalo cares about is chewing food and pooping dung and be content with whatever it has.

3. Buffalo does not discriminates: No buffalo has ever refused to give milk to a person belonging to minority or has ever made any reservation for any class of people. It accepts food from anybody whether it's South Indian or West Indian or North eastern Or even Chinese.

"So what's cooking tonight?"

4. Buffalo speaks only one language: that of Love: . You will never hear any buffalo rapping any unmentionable words against any gender. All it says is a "Muaaaah" which can be compared to what people do while giving flying kisses. Hence a buffalo speaks a universal language... of love.

5. A Buffalo never sucks: Unlike a leech or a mosquito; in fact it chews. So, we can learn from a buffalo never to suck in our life but to be awesome and to chew away all our problems and digest it with grace.

These are just a few things to get you thinking. I can mention dozens of others, but point is not write a biography or a motivational book on a buffalo. Buffalo is sufficient in itself and it does not require any fame or glory. 

So, the next time you see a buffalo (or a buffalo-like person), do pause for a moment and admire its beauty. God seldom makes such noble creatures. All hail buffalo!