August 04, 2012

Have you ever experienced pain?

No, not the kind that comes and goes,
The one that just stays and refuses to leave,
The one that seeps through the skin,
slowly pierces the heart and starts dissolving into your soul.

The pain that makes you weak, every second, every moment,
The pain that increases inch by inch, till you get overwhelmed,
The pain that reminds you, I am here. Today, tomorrow, forever.
The pain that becomes your very identity.

Everyday, from inside, you die a thousand deaths,
You know you want to live, but the pain makes giving up so much easier,
You want to cry, wail for help,
But you can't, your are pain's prisoner.

The desperation in the eyes of dear ones,
Their infinite failed attempts of consolation,
The frailing ray of hope,
The knowledge that you just cannot win.

Have you ever experienced such excruciating, such mind numbing pain?