April 20, 2012

... still don't want you to get hurt

Enough girl, I have had enough,
I just can't take it anymore,
I gave you chances, not once but twice,
Now you don't deserve a third and forth.

Hey I never asked you to love me,
Heck if I deserve it, I ain't sure,
All I wanted was be respected a li'l,
But you behaved as if I was obscure,

I tried my best not to hurt you,
Doesn't matter if I got hurt doing so,
But you treated me like a dirt-bag,
A commodity to pick, use 'n throw,

Yes I liked you, I still do,
It was Love or what, I don't know,
I cared for you more than anything else.
May be that's why you took me for sure.

You broke my heart, I remained silent, 
Got trashed, didn't speak a single word,
You insulted me, dented my confidence,
I still kept you first, my thoughts immured,

But everything in life, good or bad, comes to an end, 
No miss, I ain't taking it, the way I used to take before,
I can't be your toy to play & throw & break,
A new one you will now have to procure,

The beaker of tolerance is overflowing now,
At any point of time this volcano can erupt,
I just hope you go away, far far away from me,
Because I still don't want you to get hurt.