March 04, 2012

Untitled: Part 5

By the time I took out mobile from the pocket, I was notified 5 missed calls. It was Parag, the chatterbox of our group. So annoying, that I couldn't stand to stand beside him for 5 minutes but couldn't imagine my life without him either. As I mulled over whether to call him back and what to tell him as an excuse for being late, I received a message from him. "Wht the hell dude! why u nt picking up nd whr r u? did u take da wrng bus?".

Wrong bus!! Wow! How should I tell him that at the moment this is was the most right bus for me to be in! But hey, wrong bus idea was all his! I quickly typed, "Oh, sorry mate :( Couldn't pick up, am stuck in the middle of an overcrowded bus and it seems I actually have taken the 'wrong bus' ;( And there is even no space to get out from this 'hell'. Moreover, I started a little late. So, expect me to be 2-3 hours late..."

A few seconds later, "shit! Kk... reach soon. v r waiting.". How stupid of you Parag! I guffawed in my head. And at the same time, felt a little angry for getting such a short reply for such a long message. But, then he couldn't be blamed. At least he replied, I don't even get replies for over 80% of my messages. And after all, SMS does mean "Short" Messaging Services, not emails.

I was also feeling guilty for keeping my friends waiting yet another time. We had planned to watch the latest Hollywood flick, go check out a number of famous places here and have a good time the whole day. Now I wasn't sure if we would be able to do any of that. But the guilt went kaput the moment I saw her again.

The bus was a quite noisy, with all the people talking to each other. I didn't understand a single word of their Telugu. It's frustrating sometimes when friends do that and I don't get anything. But right now it was like a blessing. Because at the moment, all the Telugu chatter around wasn't distracting in anyway at all, in fact was acting as a perfect background score for my personal movie!
My eyes were still glazed on her. I wondered what her name would be. Asking her was not an option, but from the past experiences of hearing the names of a lot of girls here, I could bet that her name ended with an 'A'! 

"Why not call her 'Shraddha'? 
- Oh, not again, can't you think of any good names. You recently named your notebook as 'Shraddha'.
- Arrey yaar, but can't 2 people/things share the same name?
- Bro, 'Shraddha' is so North Indian! You gotta come out with something better.
- But, she definitely seems like 'Devotion' to me!
- Devotion my ass. By that logic you should start calling all the beautiful girls you see from morning to evening as 'Shraddha'. Probably give them versions like your softwares. Shraddha v 1.1, Shraddha Alpha, Shraddha 4 RC. And yeah, why not call Angelina as Shraddhangelina?  

My brain was not the best place to be in, at this moment. As the left and right part of my brain struggled to self-name my muse, suddenly a hard brake from the driver jolted the thoughts out of my mind, and my body from my position. What the heck happened there?