June 30, 2014


In the middle of June, I conceived a project which had a high potential to fail. Usually I write poems and friends read them. So, I tried to turn the tables. I tried to involve as many friends as I could to write a "Group Poem". Some of them responded. Only a few of them could muster up some lines.

I set a few rules at the start. Two (or more) lines from each person. ABAB rhyming scheme. The rhyming words. Also, the time to respond  (24 hours). By the time we reached the end of "June" (!), each one of these rules were destroyed one by one.

I wasn't allowed to moderate the poem, so anything was allowed (except obscenity) as far as the content was concerned. So, it turned out to be anything but what I imagined it would turn out to be. But it was an interesting group experiment overall.

Thanks Namrata, Akshita, Katyayan, Anshul and Srijan for the contribution...

The wheatish white girl's name was June. 
And she had one dirty little secret to keep. 
The copper haired girl's antics were jejune
And some very ordinary things made her flip.
Those sparkling eyes, made me think, God is too Prune, 
Greenish-Blue hue, those were sea-like deep.
Litting up the room, like a sunlight dune, 
She smiles her way, up the stairs so steep.
Why is she here?, I ask myself,
breaking my thought there is a Warning Beep.

It was last year on June 22 when i had proposed her at half past five. 
Long day it was , longest as they say , as i stood there forever.        
She  smiled as usual, ruffled my hair and said "oh! Baby I love Clive.
Then and there I vowed to myself, ''never fall for her ever''.

My charming frog never got the kiss,
Yelped in the night without a pretty miss,
The rejection took away all my bliss,
I fasted to an emotional abyss.

Years then passed and i forgot her face,
Mostly because I showered her with mace,
Flew her with a tiger into outer space,
Denied her existence in the human race.

Till one fine day as I walked with a teddy bear,
I saw her frying onions on a stand with silly hair,
Screaming to the crowd at the city's market square,
Desperately in need of some fine dental care.

I went to her, 
and found she had nothing to cheer,
Shouted on me as if i have stolen something from her
June i knew was not in there...

But as I approached her, she shot me with a gun, 
She was a spy of another country, an intelligence agent. 
Her antics, her secrets were out in the open now, 
But there was nothing that I could do as blood poured out of my mouth. 
I loved the copper haired girl with greenish blue eyes, 
I had vowed not to fall for her, but she made sure I fall forever tonight.