March 14, 2011

So What do You Think?

As you know, my blog right now is under limited preview (kind of like the beta version to remove any bugs that might have been left). So, only you who is reading this right now, has the right to comment also. So, comments, for me are mostly like feedbacks whether you are liking what I am writing or not. Unfortunately, I don't get a very regular stream of comments. But I know, most of you read what I write (even if that's only for friend's sake). So, I keep wondering what goes into your mind when you read my blog.

Is it like...

VK: Oh, cut this same old stuff. Why can't he write on something interesting. This is like he is telling me his autobiography. Wish, he could write something related to current affairs like politics or even sports. Seems like he is afraid that I will shut his mouth down with my reasoning.. Hehehe (Evil Laugh >D

Katy: Yeah, good. He can write some pretty good stuff. I always knew that this kid had potential. He is always the smart one while commenting on my posts, so obviously he had something to say. But, well can't he write a few poems; I would wanna see how good is he in there. Not as good as me, I know (Wide Grin :D

YogS: Wo, Wo.. What the heck has he written here. This is just a piece of crap. But well afsos, I can't tell him. 'Cause he is my best buddy and I can't risk quarreling with him lest he will get pissed off. Hehe, but poor guy thinks he is writing something coo! (mischievous smile >) But I would like him to write about his girl friend sometime.

XP: LOL. I can't think anything else but LOL, reading this. I mean what the LOL is this. Baah.. But thank God he didn't write anything about me, otherwise I would have screwed him. LMAO. LOL. (And he faints ROFLing XP

SJain: Well, he didn't write anything about me? Then what's there anything to read or comment about anyways. Well he is OK but not that coo! OK, let me get a Job first and then I will restart my blog and tell this guy, who the real blogger uncle is.(faint smile :/, mixed with sorrow expression :(

Laloo: Why does he keep messaging me about this buzzRSH every alternate night? And what the gobar is this? Why waste so much time writing and reading this. He could have made a animated gif out of it. Or asked me to make it. End of matter. (Sheepish smile :?.

Manish: ..... (Sorry, he is still to figure out what this is all about, so I can't think what he would have thought reading one of my typical posts). (No expression :|

PK: Hmm.. This is good. But my last post was way more hilarious than this one. Of course, I can't comment that, since he is one of the permanent commentators on my own blog. So, let's write all the goody goody things. May be one or 2 sentences of criticism/differences thrown in sometimes. BTW check out (innocuous laugh with an ulterior motive ;D

Alright, so that's it, that's what I can imagine what you might be thinking. Now, I may be way off the radar, but then how can I tell correctly when you don't open up with me. So what do you think of this one?