July 15, 2010

### buzzRSH ### (When it all started...)

This may just turn out to be interesting....
Hi, my name is RavS and I am here as a (mini) Blogger.

For God knows when, I have been thinking about turning a Blogger. And over time I have been asked by some of my friends also to share my views.

But even after having this deep interest in blogging I have not been able to start my own blog because of a number of reason:
  1. Lack of time: I don't think one should start a blog if you can't commit to it.
  2. Desire to write long posts: I have always thought a good blog post should be comprehensive. But then that again requires time and effort. And also, now I think a quality post need not be long but precise and interesting.
  3. Lack of quality topics: I can't blabber about just anything under the sun. There has to be something that I feel connected to.
So I thought if I can't be a full fledged blogger then why not be a mini Blogger. And Buzz fits the bill once again for that. Who knows if I can develop a discipline of writing here I may one day actually turn a blogger.

So.. in this thread I will write my thoughts. I don't know what I will be blogging about. But I can assure you a few things.
  1. The posts will be consistent. At least one per week.
  2. They won't contain anything about me that is obvious or known to everybody.
  3. They will usually be relatively short. (Nobody has time to read tonnes of text.)
  4. They will only contain stuffs that are related to my life somehow or things which I genuinely feel about.
  5. They will also act like diary logs.


Since this will be acting as a place for me to blog, I have to disable comments. Sorry, if you don't like it. If you have anything to say, you can always mail me. 

I am not writing here to show how cool I am but to develop a sense of discipline to write and to give words to my thoughts. 

I don't intend to popularize this thread, so I have made this thread viewable to only 8 persons (my top 8 friends according to latest rankings!). And if you can read this thread, you are one of them!! Just don't tell anyone. 

Reading this thread is completely optional for you. I don't force you but I will appreciate if you can give 5 mins to thread per week.