November 19, 2014

But there is just one little problem... [Part 2]

Before Aakash could react, the cars behind him started honking impatiently. He had a total stranger in the car, that too a lady; she could be anyone. But there was no time to argue with her right now. The honking of the cars was increasing as the seconds passed. The green light was less than a minute. Should he move? Should he stop?

"Go, Go, Go....", she touched his hand on the steering wheel. Aakash moved the car.

The duster crossed the red light and barely passed half a kilometer when it came to a stand still at the side of the road. 

Aakash stopped the engine, and moved sideways to observe the lady for the first time. And she was something to observe carefully. Curly black hair with blonde streaks in between, a red wavy sparkling bindi on the forehead, pinkish red make up on the cheeks, and a red hot glossy lipstick over the plump lips. The nose was straight and pointed, the eyes looked smokey under the makeup, but the eyeballs were sharp and oozing with confidence. The eyelids were so pointed that one could count them. 

She was wearing a bright yellow colored saree with silver coated border, and a sleeveless golden plated blouse to go with it. The saree was probably made of satin, and it had a transparent effect... 


Aakash realized he had been staring at her for almost a minute. He felt embarrassed. But then he suddenly remembered, that this was his car and this lady was a trespasser.  

"Who are you?", Aakash roared. Her skin was fair as milk, but she had a little pinkish tone at some places. Probably the effects of a hair remover or something.

"Oh, me? Just a pretty stranger sharing your car for sometime", She replied back smiling, with an unprecedented confidence. 

"What?", Aakash was shell shocked. 

The lady started laughing hysterically, as Aakash lumped his throat. 

"Oh, I am sorry. Hi, my name is Raashi. And what you would your name be?", she said extending her hand. 

Aakash hesitated for a second. 

"Oh, com'n. Shake hands, I don't bite. Trust me". 

Aakash extended his hand reluctantly. "My... my name is Aakash". He meowed. And he was roaring just a few seconds back. A high in confidence person always eclipses the other. 

"Well Aakash, I am so sorry I sat in your car without taking your permission. The rain was getting heavier every moment and this umbrella was proving useless". 

She waved her now-closed umbrella. It was as bright as her lipstick, minus the gloss. Aakash had never seen anyone using the red umbrella. Why would anyone keep a red umbrella with them. It's so glaring. You would be spotted from over a mile. Unless you want to be spotted. 

"I would get out as soon as it stops or at least slows down", she continued. 

"Well... OK. Where are you going? May be I can drop you. ", Aakash responded. 

The last sentence was said so slowly it was almost incomprehensible. But Raashi picked it up. She looked at him with a mischievous smile but didn't say anything. Aakash was just being a good Samaritan but the look on her face still embarrassed him. 

"What?!", he asked. Her silence was killing him. 

"Haha, no nothing. Well I have to go to Azad Nagar actually. I have some work there. But it doesn't fall over this route. You drop me somewhere in Bandra East and I will manage from there". 

"That's OK. I can drop you there. I am going to my home in Colaba. I can take an alternative route from there". 

"No, No Aakash. It's over ten kilometers from here. There is just no need. I can manage. I am already troubling you a lot". 

"No, that's fine. Now, that you have entered my car after all, I should drop you to your destination safely". 

"Safely! Hahaha". She started laughing loudly again. There was something infectious in her laughter. 

"Why? What happened? It's not safe for girls to roam around like this in the city, during evening", Aakash asked, confused. 

"No nothing", she said trying to control her laughter. 

"No tell me please". 

"Haha, nothing baba. OK, you can drop to Azad Nagar if you are so free, and you liked me so much!". Raashi said, tongue-in-cheek. 

Aakash didn't say a word after that. He immediately ignited the engine again, and took a U-turn from next Red Light. 

"You look a tad anxious Aakash. Is something bothering you, or is it my fragrance?", Raashi quipped after sometime.

"What?". This startled Aakash. Whatever she was wearing was definitely intoxicating, but Aakash had no idea that Raashi would be able spot that on his face. 

"Hahaha, no I mean you definitely don't look OK."

"Err... it's nothing. Just some office bullshit". Aakash tried to steer away from the real reason, although office was definitely on his mind. 

"Wanna share? I am pretty free for next half an hour or so". Raashi turned herself to his side, positioning herself expecting a long interesting story. She was all ears.

"No there's nothing interesting there."

"Oh, com'n tell!", she held his arms. Aakash twitched slightly. Raashi noticed that but took a second longer to remove her hands. 

"Well.. it's the usual hullabaloo. I have this idea for my company, and I have been working so hard at it, but my peers and bosses just don't get it. They think I am wasting my time and company's resources. Or may be they are all jealous of me. There is just  no support from anyone. I am just sick of it.". 

"So, why don't you quit?"

"Well I can't". 

"But why...".

"You don't understand. I have invested myself a lot in this company, in this career. If I quit now, I would have to start all over". 

"That's all excuses Aakash. You are just being a sissy girl. If you don't like something you either change it, or you get the hell out of its way". 

"I was also in your situation once, having to work for someone else. But now I work independently. When my clients don't fall in line, when they are unreasonable or don't pay on time, you know what I do?". She paused. 

Aakash looked at her for a second. That was Raashi's clue to continue. 

"I fire them. I don't care, if they are my oldest clients or if they are influential people. I know, I have the talent and capability, and so I won't go to sleep hungry any night."

Raashi must not have been more than 25, about 3 years younger to him. But she talked way more mature than her age. 

He noticed a black dot on her waist a few inches away from her navel on the right side. It was intriguing. It wasn't a mole of course. It was made of kajal or a color pen. A way to keep evil eyes away. Or may be to attract them. He wanted to put his fingers over it and see how the texture felt over her glistening skin. He hadn't touched a female body for years now...