May 19, 2013

Untitled: Part 7

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I got down from the busMy head was still spinning from the hard pounding that it had received. It was difficult to make sense of what was going around. I somehow managed to reach the front of the bus. I got a glimpse of a cattle, probably a buffalo, lying in front of the bus. It didn't seem to be bleeding but was limping and trying to get up. 

I tried to make a quick script of what would have happened: the buffalo must have suddenly come in the front of the fast moving bus while trying to cross the road, and the driver despite his best efforts wouldn't have been able to stop the bus from hitting the animal. Result: Bamm!

People had formed a circle around it, and were talking in their own 'alien' language, something that I obviously didn't understand and wasn't interested to understand anyway. I was more concerned about the missing lady. I looked around desperately but she was nowhere to be seen. 

The bus accident in the middle of the busy road had also caused a huge traffic bottleneck. People from behind were slowly trying to move ahead, not forgetting to stop their vehicles for a second and peek to know what had happened.

As I circled around the bus for the third time, the man who had helped me get up, chuckled "heh! Looking someone?" He seemed to have guessed whom I was searching for. I mirrored back the smile and mumbled, "Uhh... Not really!".

"I knowing. She sitting other side" and pointed towards the other side of the road. Clearly the guy wasn't well versed with English, but he did save my day! I saw the lady in black, sitting on the bench under the shade, talking on the phone. I took a huge sigh of relief and passed on a grateful smile to the black guy this time. I could see the glitter in his eyes, as if he had helped me found my long lost treasure without taking even a single penny from it.

As I moved away from him, waving my hand to say good bye, I made sure to make a mental note of how helpful these 'Madraasis' were. If only we "Northies" could make a little more effort in understanding them, we won't have 2 different Indias in a single country.

As I reached the pavement besides the road near the shelter, she was still on the phone talking to somebody, concerned expressions still continuing on her face. Barring a few English words here and there, I struggled to understand the conversation from one side. I realized this was the first time I was hearing her. And what a mesmerizing voice she had!  

If her face hadn't already done it, her voice certainly made me go head over heels. The tone was not too girly but was pretty soft, just like a lady should have, in my humble opinion. And at some places, she was using the word "Ayyyo". The way she pronounced it, was incredibly cute to hear. 

I have come across a tonne of girls in my life till now. Many of them incredibly beautiful. But most of them carried around a 'don't care' attitude that was such a repellent for me. And that smugness reflected in their voice, as if  trying to show how superior they were. Why do girls need to become so rough and tough, that they don't seem like girls anymore?

I was standing near her, but still made sure to be at a distance so as to not cause her any discomfort. After about 10 more mins, she dropped the call, and immediately started looking around. Then suddenly she got up and waived at an auto coming from far. It was already taken, so it didn't stop. Then 2 more autos went by. Same result. 

Disappointed, she gathered her stuffs from the bench and started walking away. But I had done enough of silent stalking by now. I decided either I would talk to her in next 5 minutes or just part my own way. 

So, I followed her, like a pug from a famous advertisement, determined to make my move this time. May be...

[To be continued]