January 03, 2013

Devil's Advocate: Honey Singh

First up, let me admit I like "Yo Yo" Honey Singh's songs (Not Honey Singh per se!). And the recent controversy that's going on is just baffling to me.The songs that are being shouted upon are Not new. They have been out there since at least an year. 

What this controversy shows is simply the herd mentality of we Indians. In the aftermath of new-found awareness against women harassment, we are just trying to find out anything that we can blame for the cruelty and sexual assaults that females in this country have to go through time and again.

I can bet, 3-4 days back, most of us didn't even know that this guy named Honey Singh has written and sung so crude and pornographic lyrics (he claims he hasn't). But just as somebody found it and raised it as an issue, everybody took it like a hot cake and made a big helluva out of it. As if Honey Singh and his songs are the reason behind what's happening in this country. 

Well if Honey Singh has to be banned or arrested, then why not arrest the producers of his albums? And I would even go on and ask them to arrest the buyers of such albums because they might be potential rapists!

I am in no way trying to defend what Honey Singh has sung. Most of his songs do have a certain degree of 'lowness' for women. But he does not sing Ghazals to take the lyrics so seriously. In fact, most of the well-known international rappers from Eminem, to Li'l Wayne to Jay-Z are known of for their profanity mixed raps. Try lodging an FIR against them!

And who says such crude songs are new? They have long been here, albeit underground, and I bet everyone who's been to school/college would have got to hear them at some point of time. The fact, is those who like them will continue to listen to them, and other few who can't bear them, will stay a million miles away from them. Honey Singh or anyone else is not coming to your home to forcefully make you listen to these songs.

And if the issue is simply of spreeing vulgarity, then I find every other item number presented nowadays totally vulgar and obscene. Let's try and ban the item girls first!

By indulging in these stupid cases, we are just straying away from the real cause of the increasing crimes against women. And that is the ever plunging respect in men for the female class. And how can you blame them when women themselves do not respect their own gender?

But, if you really want to 'punish' Honey Singh after all, instead of banning or arresting him for his songs, simply stay away from them. He will automatically go out of business soon. It's better we mind our own business.